Thursday, April 25, 2019

Surprises in Asheboro

Character:  Carroll Peterson
Title:  Killer in the Carriage House
Series:  Victorian Village Mysteries
Author:  Sheila Connolly

I’m Carroll Peterson, and I'm sort of the new kid here, kind of like a hired gun. You may remember when Kate Hamilton, who’s supposed to be turning the town of Asheboro, Maryland into an historic destination for tourists interested in the 19th century and the Civil War, discovered a cache of letters from Clara Barton (possibly best known for founding the American Red Cross) in the attic of the Barton mansion in Asheboro.

And when the dust settled from that discovery, Kate realized that there were still a lot of letters and old files at the mansion, and maybe there were some more treasures there, but she needed someone to catalog them. So Kate called a Philadelphia friend of hers, and that friend recommended me, because I’m kind of an archivist/cataloger in training (translation: I'm a graduate student). I was more than happy to help—the idea of an entire attic filled with unexplored nineteenth century correspondence and records made me drool.

So I arrived in Asheboro, and the first thing we find is a body in the library. Apparently it’s not Kate’s first body, but it sure was mine. And it looked like he had been murdered. She didn’t know the dead man, and nobody else in town did either. Why had he broken into the old library? And who had killed him?

But I didn’t let a little thing like a murder get between me and all those letters and documents. And as I went through them, I began to think that there was more than one secret in Asheboro, and it looked like there was one big one. Whoever said working in a library was boring?

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  1. Sounds like a few secrets are going to be exposed. Looking forward to reading this book and series.