Sunday, May 12, 2019

Happy Mother's Day!

by Jenna Flowers of The Calamity Cafe (and others) by Gayle Leeson

Jenna: I have to say I'm so proud of Amy. She followed her dream of owning her own cafe, and now the Down South Cafe is flourishing. What's that? What did Amy get me for Mother's Day? Well, as you might know, she and her cousin Jackie make Sunday lunch for Aunt Bess and me every week. Today, they brought us the most beautiful cake and a bouquet of flowers. As for the meal, I'm still stuffed! We had chicken and dumplings, rolls, corn on the cob, green beans, mashed potatoes, and pasta salad.

Do you hear that Amy is going to host a farmers' market at the Down South Cafe this fall? It was Dilly Boyd's idea--you know Dilly, the one with the raccoon. Amy is going to allow the vendors to set up at the patio side of the restaurant. I think the farmers' market will be a wonderful boon to Winter Garden, don't you? You can read all about it in Apples and Alibis, coming in August.

Amanda's Mom: Hello, there. You haven't really met me yet. Amanda spoke of me briefly--very briefly, I'm sure--in telling you about her last adventure. I'm afraid she's bitten off more than she can chew with this vintage fashion boutique business. I hope she can make a go of it--I really do--but I have a hard time believing there are that many people in our little hometown of Abingdon, Virginia, who have a penchant for vintage designs.

Amanda's dad and I moved to Florida, but I plan on getting back to Abingdon as soon as I can to see what she's gotten herself into. Her "Grandpa Dave" spoils her. He enables her with all these flights of fancy. My father-in-law is a wonderful man, and I'm glad Amanda has him here to look after her, but I think he should let her stumble now and then...learn what life is like in the real world.

I understand that Amanda is getting ready to do some costumes for a play being held in Winter Garden. I don't know if I'll make it to Abingdon in time for that--October, I believe she said it would be--but I plan on visiting her soon. (Look for Perils and Lace coming in October!)

Beverly: When you have a child, you desperately want her to succeed at whatever her heart desires. But you also hope her success doesn't lead her too far from home. In Marcy's case, it did. She left San Francisco and made a life for herself in Tallulah Falls, Oregon. It nearly broke my heart to have her move so far away. But she opened up her embroidery shop, Seven-Year Stitch, and made such a success of the place.

The physical distance between us has done nothing to hamper our relationship. We're closer than ever, and we see each other as often as we can. She and Ted, her fiance, were just here last week. While Ted and Angus, their Irish wolfhound, played at the dog park, Marcy and I shopped for her wedding dress. Later, we went to dinner at the Waterbar Restaurant.

It was hard waving goodbye to my sweet daughter...and son! But I know I'll be seeing them soon.

Faye: I believe you know my mother, Myrtle Crumb, better than you know me. Mother calls my daughter Sunny because she says my child is her "sunshine." I'm glad my mother and my daughter have such a strong relationship. I was a total Daddy's girl, and I think I might've given Mother the short end of the stick when I was growing up.

I do worry about my daughter spending so much time with Mother, though. That woman is into everything! It all started when she bought a purse at a consignment store. The purse had a mysterious note inside it, and Mother decided she was Southwest Virginia's answer to Jane Marple. She even adopted this big, overgrown chocolate lab and named him Matlock.

What did I get her for Mother's Day? Well, despite my better judgment, I did not get her a bulletproof vest. I got her a beautiful Swarovski sunshine pendant. I think she's going to love it.

Happy Mother's Day to all our wonderful moms!

By Erin Murphy from the Food Lovers' Village Mysteries by Leslie Budewitz:  You know Francesca Conti Murphy Schmidt as Fresca -- I call her Mom though I'm still training myself to call her Fresca at the Merc, the business she owns and I run. She gave me a chance to go out into the world when my father died my senior year of high school, though she desperately wanted me to stay home. And she gave me the chance to come home fifteen years later, when this was the place I needed to be. She loves to cook even more than I do, so no point making her brunch for Mother's Day. I think what she'd like most is for the three of us and our spice/children/significant others to spend the day with her and Bill at their house on the river, and let her feed and dote on us. (Don't worry -- we'll bring the Prosecco and do the dishes!)

By Pepper Reece from the Spice Shop Mysteries: You just met my mother, Lena Reece, in Killing Thyme, but don't worry -- she'll be back in Chai Another Day (coming June 11). I got a big part of my drive for justice from her, along with my funky hair, the shape of my face, and my love of food. She and my dad are in Costa Rica right now, so we won't be celebrating the day together, but I'll raise a glass of something sparkly to the woman who never met a spot of trouble she couldn't try talking her way out of -- and that's a great family trait!

By Samantha Williams from the Mystery Bookshop Mystery Series written by V. M. Burns: My mom, Grace Hamilton, recently wed the man of her dreams, Harold Robertson. It wasn't a smooth path to the alter, but you can read about it in Wed, Read & Dead.  Barely five feet tall and less than 100 lbs dripping wet, my mom has proven that she is a lot stronger than I ever dreamed and as I learned in, The Novel Art of Murder, she also has a great right hook, which I'm guessing she inherited from her mother, Josephine Thomas (Nana Jo to me and my sister). Despite her petite size, and sometimes feather-brained ways, I love my mom dearly. Nothing but love could have induced me to consider wearing a bubble gum pink pinata or tartan plaid tablecloth out in public.

By Dorothy Henderson from the Quaker Midwife Mysteries by Edith Maxwell: Thee knows midwife Rose Carroll, I believe? Well, I am her proud mother. I am so pleased she has accepted her calling, both to assist women in their hours of need and to pursue justice in her adopted town of Amesbury. We Quakers do tend to be rather justice inclined. I myself devote my considerable energies to the cause of woman's suffrage. It was a delight to sojourn in Amesbury last fall to join the women there as we all protested in front of the polls on Election Day (our author told this story in the Agatha-nominated Turning the Tide). I hope thee enjoys thy day, dear reader.

By Mac Almeida from the Cozy Capers Book Group Mysteries by Maddie Day (aka Edith Maxwell): My mother is up to it again, just in time for Mother's Day. Her name used to be Edna MacKenzie, but she changed Edna to Astra when she decided to ditch the quiet life of pastor's wife and become a professional astrologer. Of course we'll have a big family celebration on Mother's Day, complete with my energetic little grandmother Abo Reba, otherwise known as Reba Almeida. I live only a couple blocks away from the UU church where my father serves in his quiet, competent, compassionate way, and my parent's house is the epicenter for family gatherings. But now Mom has announced we're all to participate in some astrological game of hers. Sheesh! That said, she would do anything for family. She's always got my back.

By Jaymie Leighton Müller from the Vintage Kitchen Mysteries by Victoria Hamilton
My mom (Joy Leighton) and I don't always see eye to eye, but I will NEVER forget the look in her teary eye the first time she met my step daughter, and the first time she got her a Christmas gift (a cookbook for kids!) and saw the joy on her face... it brings tears to my eyes recalling it. I think she feared she'd never be a grandmother, and now, with Jocie, her life is complete! I mean, she learned to Facetime JUST so she could talk to Jocie from Boca Raton! And she and Dad have visited a lot more often in the last two years than usual. She takes so much care and trouble planning fun outings now, when we visit them in Boca. It's made all the little troubles between us melt away, knowing how kind and loving she can be to my beloved Jocie. Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

By Dharma from the Downward Dog Mystery Series by Tracy Weber:
I wasn't much of a mother to Kate when she was growing up (I left her father and her when she was a toddler) so I'm blessed to have the opportunity to make it up to her now. I'm so proud of her and all she's done with her life! Teaching yoga is her lifework, of course, but her true calling is finding justice for murder victims.  I know it, and deep down inside, Kate knows it too. She simply won't admit it to herself. Kate desperately wants to become a mom herself, and I hope that happens for her soon.  Hopefully by this time next year, she'll be writing her own Mother's Day post!

By Annie from The Deputy Donut Mysteries by Ginger Bolton
I'd given up on ever being a mother when Emily came along. Walt and I were thrilled. We were in our early thirties and already settled into life, and we ended up giving her more freedom than we might have earlier. We're proud of the independent woman she's become. She co-owns Deputy Donut, a donut and coffee shop in Fallingbrook, Wisconsin. After we retired, we moved into an RV. We spend our summers in Fallingbrook and our winters in Florida, with lots of time sightseeing and getting to know people we meet on our way to and from. We plan to make it back for Fallingbrook's Fabulous Fourth Festivities. I tell Emily not to give me Mothers' Day presents or cards, but she always does.

By Sassy Cabot from the Read ’Em and Eat Mysteries

You may remember my mom, whose aura now requires everyone to call her Sage, and Bridgy’s mom, Emelia, a high style fashion plate if ever there was one. They instantly flew from Brooklyn down to Fort Myers Beach to help us out when Bridgy started looking like a murder suspect in Read to Death. That is when I learned for sure that no matter how old I am, I will always need my mother. So on this Mother’s Day, I wish, Sage, Emelia, Aunt Ophie, who is like a mother to Bridgy and to me, as well as to all the ladies out there who fill the role of loving supporter to family and friends: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.


  1. Happy Mother's Day to all the authors here at Killer Characters and readers also.

  2. I hope you had a wonderful day, Eileen!