Saturday, May 4, 2019

I Worry about Her

by Nigel
from the Vintage Sweets series by Kaye George, coming 2020

My human is having some problems and I’m not sure how to help her. She almost left the house the other morning without putting my din-din in my bowl. Last night she got home late and I never did get any treats, even though I sat in her lap and purred for the longest time. I don’t know where her mind is!

You know, it wasn’t easy training her to be a cat person. I’m the first feline who has ever graced her life. Her brother, Cole, was my servant for a while, but gave the coveted job to Tally. At first, she acted almost like she didn’t want to do it! Imagine someone not wanting to have a cat around. Just because she’d never had one before. What could be better than keeping company with a nice, big, fluffy, Maine Coon cat like myself? You can’t answer that, can you? No, you can’t, because there’s nothing better.

She did seem surprised when I got out the box of crackers and finished them with no help. What can I say? I’m resourceful. Honestly, I didn’t think that was a reason to withhold my din-din that night, but I didn’t argue. I wasn’t very hungry.

I try to take good care of her since Cole entrusted her to me. But she has been worrying me. She finally started talking to me this morning. Something is happening with her brother and, of course, a woman. That man is always knee deep in woman troubles. But there’s something else, too. I’m hoping I can get her to open up and tell me exactly what makes her cry when we cuddle. She’ll learn, eventually, that I’m an excellent listener.

photo from morguefile by katmystiry

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