Sunday, May 5, 2019

Love, Death...and a Little Nervous Excitement

By Jazz Ramsey from Kylie Logan’s “The Scent of Murder”

I’m not the nervous type.  I don’t have the time for it, and I don’t have the personality, either  I’m no-nonsense, take charge, level-headed.  So it’s not easy to admit the twinge of apprehension that’s been tapping away in the pit of my stomach lately.

“The Scent of Murder,” a story about me, lands on store shelves in just two days.

I’ve heard that for the author of a book, this special launch day is a big deal.  There are Facebook posts galore, and plenty of celebration.  But for those of us who are characters in a book, things are a little different.

Our lives are about to be bared for the world to see.

Our thoughts.

Our innermost longings.

It’s one thing when Kylie Logan is recounting the events that led me to get involved in the murder of a former student at the school where I work.  After all, that’s pretty straightforward.  I’m a cadaver dog trainer and handler, and I was working with a dog one evening at an abandoned building in my neighborhood. That’s when Luther (the dog) found the body of Florie Allen.  And that’s when I got pulled into the search for the truth.

And all that, well, I don’t really mind when Kylie tells you all that.  After all, it’s public record.

But then there’s the whole thing about Nick Kolesov.  See, Nick and I were once lovers.  And things didn’t end well.  It’s not like he was some kind of cheating creep or anything.  Nick’s much too fine a man for that.  And it’s not like I wasn’t head over heels about him.  It was just that Nick and I, we have two separate lives, and honestly, it was just too hard to make them mesh.

Nick is a cop, a homicide detective.  Can you say crazy hours?  And of course, with my work with cadaver dogs, I’m always busy training or dealing with the administrative work that keeps our volunteer work going.

It wasn’t that Nick and I didn’t care about each other.

It’s just that we didn’t have time for each other.

At least until that night I found Florie Allen–and Nick showed up to investigate.

It’s bad enough to have to maneuver through a murder investigation.  It’s harder still when the man who meet around every corner send tingles through your bloodstream and makes you wonder . . . just wonder . . . if things could be different this time.

"The Scent of Murder" hits store (and cyber) shelves on May 7 as a hardcover, an ebook, and in audio.

“The Scent of Murder” will be on bookstores shelves this Tuesday, May 7.

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