Thursday, June 20, 2019

April Showers Bring May & June--showers?

By Lilly Jayne
from the Garden Squad mysteries by Julia Henry

Happy almost first day of summer!
I live for this time of year, when I can get back out in my gardens and reacquaint myself with my wonderful plants, trees, shrubs and bushes. Getting everything back into shape after our long New England winters is a task, and good weather is required to make it all work.
This year, the weather is not cooperating.
Now, I am grateful for rain. I have rain barrels around the yard, and remember well the years when we had droughts. Rain is preferred, but between the rain and the wind my garden looks unkempt. The weeds are popping up at an alarming rate. My poor peonies barely bloomed before a heavy rain storm beat them up, leaving pink tears in the garden.
Nevertheless, I persist. Today I tried to spread some compost during a downpout. It didn't go terribly well, but it had to be done. There's rain in the forecast for the rest of the week, so my green boot and slicker are going to get quite the workout, since the pile of mulch needs to be spread.
What's the hurry? I've been talked into having a garden party this weekend, and my reputation is on the line. Let's hope the rain takes a break for the party!
Do you garden in the rain?
Julia Henry writes the Garden Squad series. Pruning the Dead was released in January, and Tilling the Truth will be released in August. 


  1. My poor garden is swimming because of the rain!! I don't mind the rain but we've had a bit too much of it lately so some "sun" would be nice. I can't say I've really been out in the garden during rain but it sounds like fun.

  2. I don't garden. I so much as look at a plant and it dies.