Sunday, June 9, 2019

How to Win a Coin Toss

by Emily Westhill from the Deputy Donut Mysteries by Ginger Bolton

The Fourth of July is less than a month away. My business partner, Tom, who is also my father-in-law, and I have been planning.

First, we had to choose what kind of donuts to make and give away to promote our coffee and donut shop, Deputy Donut, at the community picnic.

We decided to make raised, jelly-filled donuts. We would frost them all with vanilla frosting, and we would pipe red stripes on the raspberry jelly-filled donuts and stick dark blue sugar stars on the blueberry jelly-filled donuts.

But our most important decision was who was going to drive our Deputy Donut delivery car in the Fallingbrook Fabulous Fourth Festivities parade.

Our delivery car is special. It's a 1950 Ford painted to look like a police car. Here's a picture of it before we added it's most noticeable feature, a big plastic donut lying flat on its roof behind the siren-shaped speaker. The "sprinkles" in the white icing dripping down its sides are twinkling lights. The donut takes the place of a light bar with strobe lights like real police cars have. Well, sort of...

Anyway, I  love driving it, even though I almost have to sit on a cushion to see over that big steering wheel.

"Let's toss a coin," Tom suggested. We did. He won the toss.

"Best of three," he said. I won the next toss. He won the third.

His eyes twinkled. "Best of five."

"Your negotiation tactics are strange," I told him. I won the final two tosses.

"You're driving in the parade, Emily." He did not sound the least bit disheartened by the loss he had engineered.

On the morning of the Fourth, he'll stay in the shop and make donuts for the picnic and the rest of the day. I think he's always afraid that if I fry the donuts, I might scald myself with hot oil. He'll also keep an eye on my cat, Deputy Donut, Dep for short. During work days, she stays in the office of the shop we named after her. It's our office, but even more than that, it's a kitty playground with ladders, ramps, tunnels and (naturally) catwalks up near the ceiling.

A week from today is Fathers' Day. Tell me in the comments below what I should get or do for Tom. One commenter will win a signed copy of Goodbye Cruller World, the second Deputy Donut Mystery by Ginger Bolton.

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And watch for the whole story of the Fallingbrook Fabulous Fourth Festivities in Jealousy Filled Donuts, which comes out August 27 and is available for pre-order now.


  1. I’m giving an instant read thermometer. It can be used inside or for grilling.

  2. Plan a day to revolve around Tom. Do activities that he loves and take him out to his favorite restaurant. scarletbegonia5858(at)gmail(dot)com

  3. I always thought a photo album filled with old and new photos was the way to go for a father's day gift. Having pictures from the past that you thought were long forgotten are always the most meaningful.

  4. I would treat him to his favorite meal. Thanks for the chance. JL_minter(at)hotmail(dot)com

  5. A gift of kindness and caring is what I would give. Showing your appreciation for his efforts. If heis an outdoors person, binoculars, fishing rod and a day out. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  6. What about a new Donut named for him! Then do acts of kindness together taking the Tom Donut to people in the car - let him drive :)

  7. I think whatever you are already doing is good, because he wanted you to drive in the parade! Maybe a meal that's not a donut?

  8. Plan a special day for Tom and spend the day doing all the things he likes to do and treat him to his favorite dinner. Make him feel special!

  9. My family is pretty low key on Father's Day.
    We gather the family (those available) and have a family meal.
    Perhaps a nice meal for him?
    libbydodd at comcast dot net

  10. I like ties on father's day peehaps a bowtie.

  11. Tom is so sweet. I agree that a donut in his honor would be perfect. Something super special and sell it the week up to and after Father's Day. You can keep it for special occasions too, his birthday or any day that means a lot to him. Thanks for the chance to win. kayt18 (at) comcast (dot) net

  12. I would grill a steak or his favorite protein. After all those donuts, he should have some protein. Legallyblonde1961 at yahoo dot com

  13. Make him a special dinner of his favorite foods. Thanks for the chance.
    ematov (at) comcast (dot) net

  14. A nice dinner with family! lindaherold999(at)gmail(dot)com

  15. A favorite meal always goes down a treat.


  16. A special doughnut named for him. doward1952(at)yahoo(dot)com

  17. Congratulations to katy18, the winner of a signed copy of Goodbye Cruller World. I've emailed you.

    Thanks to everyone who commented!