Sunday, June 16, 2019

Summer Bucket List

Reagan Summerside from Savanna Georgia and thrilled to pieces that summer is here…or almost here. I just bought new ferns to hang from the porch to spruce up Cherry House and bought new window boxes for geraniums and petunias.   I redid the displays in the Prissy Fox with new summer duds of garden party dresses, sandals and shorts and added new fun jewelry in pastels and white.

I am so looking forward to another outside barbecue with ribs and chicken on the grill. I swear you could BBQ a stick and I’d eat it. I love the smell of BBQ over an open fire and the meat sizzling over the flames.
And I want to make ice cream over at Auntie KiKi’s. She has one of those old ice cream tubs where you put the cream in the middle cylinder then add ice and salt around the edges and crank away. Can’t wait for a mouthful of creamy heaven.
And then there’s martinis on the front porch as Auntie KiKi and I try and solve yet another murder. Why am I constantly tripping across dead people? I think it’s the fates playing dirty tricks. When they took Hollis the Horrible out of my live they decided to fill the void with dead bodies.

But on a brighter note… This summer I want to take another picnic out to Tybee Island and eat on the sandy shore. I love Tybee and only made it to the ocean three times this year. Barely enough to get my toes wet.
And while I’m out on Tybee I want a funnel cake with powdered sugar on top and a read snow cone. Don’t you love funnel cakes and snow cones?
Auctions are big in Savannah and the summer auction out at Fort Jackson is the best. Last year I bought an old blue and pink rug for the front entrance of the Prissy Fox. Got it for next to nothing. Love auctions.
I want to see fireworks over the Savannah River, get Auntie KiKi to make me Lemon Meringue pie of the summer and see if I can get Walker Boone to take me for a ride in his red ’57 Chevy convertible. I really have a thing for convertibles and with BW…that’s Bruce Wills the canine version…in the back of the car what could be more fun.
So what’s on your summer bucket list? Got big plans for this summer. Things you cannot wait to do with family and friends? I’ll give away book socks from the answers.
Have a great summer!!!  

Hugs, Reagan


  1. We don't have any huge plans for going anywhere this summer. We'll just spend it with family and get together on the summer holidays and birthdays. I'd like to do a road trip to Marblehead Lighthouse though! (I just borrowed a book from our library that had to be ordered from Marblehead Peninsula, so of course, I had to investigate a mention of a peninsula in Ohio hehe) Tari H, barbie17(at)gmail (d0t)com

  2. Book socks! I love that. I have a few writing things set up: Mystery in the Midlands next weekend, reading and selling at Knoxville Writers Group 6/26, reading and selling at Mystery in the Pines at White Pine TN 9/7--OK, that's officially summer, but not really. I might possibly get a visit from my TX kids. The others, who live closer, are visiting the other sides of their families this month.

    1. Sorry for not following instructions! kayegeorge at gmail dot com.

  3. My summer bucket list includes going to more street fairs here in Portland, OR with my husband. also, reading more mysteries! Thanks for the giveaway. aut1063(at)gmail(dot)com

  4. We are leaving in a few days to visit family in Tulsa, OK. About a week after we return I'm going by myself to Chicago for a family reunion. Not much else planned as we prepare for the arrival of our first grandchild in September. Thanks for the chance. ematov (at) comcast (dot) net

  5. Summer means the beach and family gatherings.


  6. Our big Summer plan is going to son's wedding on September 1st! Ooh, book socks, I want them! Thank you for a cool giveaway!

  7. I want to relax with family and read! lindaherold999(at)gmail(dot)com

  8. My plans are to try to stay away from the heat as much as possible and wear some new book socks while reading my books.
    lkish77123 at gmail dot com