Monday, June 17, 2019

Watch Out for Gators

By: Maggie Crozat
Series: Cajun Country Mysteries
Author: Ellen Byron
When I lived in New York, one thing I really missed about Louisiana was the swamps. I know that sounds strange to some people, but I love their murky mystery. The Spanish moss, the cypress trees and knees – that’s what they call those tree stumps sticking out of the water – and of course, the gators.  
You don’t want to mess with gators, that’s for sure. They can move fast when they want to, especially on an empty belly. Trust me, you never want one of them thinking you’re what they need to feed that belly.

In PLANTATION SHUDDERS, the first book about my family and our Cajun Country B&B, I manage to avoid a run-in with a gator. I lucked out because he must have had a full belly, like the gators lazing on logs in these photos I took at Lake Martin, not far from the Cajun town of Breaux Bridge.
Those of us who live in the south part of Louisiana learn early on not to take a swamp or bayou boat trip for granted. You never know what might join you for the ride… or eye you as a potentially tasty meal.

Readers, what kind of critters inhabit your area? Anything dangerous?


  1. I grew up in New Jersey, which has its own Great Swamp. No alligators, though.

  2. The Pine Barrens! I always wanted to go there.

  3. Snakes, lizards and the other day I found a scorpion in the house (shudder!) ~

  4. Foxes, coyotes and skunks (yeah dangerous because of their stink lol) like to creep around on our farm. Gotta keep my little dachsie safe!

  5. We have gators here, too. In fact, we have at least one living in the pond behind our apartment building. I do like all the frogs we have in and around the pond, though. They really harmonize in the evenings and I love the sound!

  6. I live in the city but also near the Mississippi River so in my neighborhood we get a lot of wildlife. We've seen deer, eagles, ducks, and wild turkeys. Also, racoons, fox, opposums, and an occassional coyote. I have to keep an eye out for my little Yorkie mix and keep him safe.