Friday, July 12, 2019

Deputize Me Already!

by Aunt Bess from Apples and Alibis by Gayle Leeson

So, do you all know Sheriff Billings? Well, he's a nice enough man and all, but he's about as stubborn as a mule. Why he doesn't realize what an asset I'd be to his police department is beyond me.

I'm not about to tell you how old I am--you wouldn't believe me if I told you because I absolutely don't look my age--but I've been around a while. And with age comes wisdom.

All those detective shows on television? I've watched the majority of them. Some more than once. I'm a big reader too. Mysteries, procedurals, and some thrillers. So, I'm up on all my crime-solving techniques.

I'm in good with the fire department, and that shows that I can do all that inter-agency cooperation and information sharing.

And, yet, that man sits down at my table and tells me to my face that he can't discuss an ongoing investigation with me? He's stuffing his face with biscuits and hashbrown casserole that my granddaughter and my great-niece fixed for me, and he can't tell me what's going on in my own backyard?

Who do I need to talk with about becoming a special consultant to the Winter Garden Sheriff's Department like Mr. Monk or Shawn and Gus? I figure I'll have to go over Sheriff Billings' head. So, is there a commissioner I could call? Or should I take my case to the governor?


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  1. I enjoyed Aunt Bess' post and hope that Sheriff Billings changes his mind -- she sounds like she would be a great asset to his investigations!

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  3. Aunt Bess is such a hoot!! I mean, the fire fighters appreciate her and love her pinterest pages. She has an insight many her age don't.

  4. Thanks for the introduction to your books.

  5. Wow. that's quite a set of books.
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