Thursday, July 4, 2019

Happy and SAFE Fourth to You and Your Pets

by Tally Holt
from the upcoming Vintage Sweets series by Kaye George

I never had a cat before, but Mrs. Gerg has told me I need to be careful of Nigel, my Maine Coon cat, today. It took me a while to adjust to having a pet, being responsible for another being, and never having the house entirely to myself. After my brother Cole sort of dumped Nigel on me, it didn’t take long to adjust to both of those things. Especially never being alone at home. I didn’t realize how nice that would feel.

Since I am responsible for him, I will take all the precautions I can to make sure he’s not too awfully frightened by inconsiderable people who shoot off fireworks in town. Sure, it’s illegal, but sure, they do it anyway.

Just in case the neighbors do shoot them off close to our house, I’ll stick around home and make sure he’s okay with the noise. If he’s not, maybe a cuddle will help him out.

I also have to make extra sure he doesn’t get out during the city fireworks. The paper always lists terrified dogs on the 5th who ran away, terrified by the noise when careless owners left them out. Sometimes they’re never found again, or get hit by cars.

It’s a day to have fun, but also to be extra mindful of all our pets!

photo from morguefile

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