Saturday, July 20, 2019

Summertime Drinks

by Lilly Jayne
from the Garden Squad series by Julia Henry

I love the summer. During our long, cold New England winters I dream of the day I'll be in my gardens for most of the day. These hot, sunny days are glorious. But they are also taxing, though I'll never admit that to anyone. I wear my hat and slather on the sunscreen. I try my best to find shade. And I also drink a lot of liquids.
Ah, but those liquids. Lemonade, iced tea, water or combinations of the three have been my go-tos. Until recently. These days Delia is determined to expand my palate. Either that, or she's trying to kill me. Time will tell. ;-)
Did you know dandelions can be made into tea? Perhaps you did. I'd heard of it, but hadn't tasted it until recently. Not a fan.
Also not a fan of different spices and herbs being added to or made into decaffeinated drinks. Delia has a half dozen different concoctions in mason jars lining the top shelf of the refrigerator. She's been juicing, pulping, grinding and boiling all sort of things. Then she'll proudly bring me out a big glass.
Without ice. Apparently ice isn't good for me.
I try, really I do. But most of these are in desperate need of something. I'd been pouring them out into the garden, but she caught me and watches me take a swig. I try my best not to grimace too much. She thinks she's taking care of me, and I'm grateful. But yikes.
I've invested in a large insulated water bottle that I fill in the morning and replenish at noon. Iced tea in the morning, water with lemon in the afternoon. I'm not sure how I'll break it to her, but it is my firm belief that weeds shouldn't be drunk, and that kale belongs in a salad, not in a glass.
But she means well. Bless her heart, she means well. Maybe she could use some more recipes?
What is your favorite summer drink?


Julia Henry is thrilled that Tilling the Truth, the second in the Garden Squad series, will be out in August.

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  1. My favorite drink is iced tea =usually jade citrus mint, ginger peach or Zen.