Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Too, too many dietary demands!

By: Ninette Crozat
Series: Cajun Country Mysteries
Author: Ellen Byron

Hi, y'all. Ninette Crozat here and between us, I am losing my mind. I say between us because I never like to show anything but a cheery face to the guests at our Crozat Plantation B&B. But we're friends, so I can be honest. Our little town of Pelican is hosting its first music festival and the headliner is a local girl made good, Tammy Barker. She won one of those American Idol type of singing contests. She and her entourage have taken over our B&B, and all of them have different diet demands. She doesn't eat fish, but her assistant doesn't eat meat. Someone's vegan, someone else is Paleo. I tell you, I had to look up that last one. I think I may make a meal for each of them where all I do is throw on this fine seasoning...

The gator glass is for the drink I will surely need after making all these meals. Life would be so much easier if I even had one less special meal to prepare. Just one, that's all I ask. Just... one...

Readers, what do you think about all the different types of eating plans these days?


  1. I'm so not into many of these diet trends, but I understand why people follow them. Maybe you can find a dish or two that would satisfy all of them.

  2. Ninette,
    I totally understand. Whatever happened to the seefood diet. See food -eat it. Gone are the days of breaking bread and sharing in a communal meal. On the other hand the variety of diets add motive, opportunity and spice to murder scenes.
    Your admirer,