Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Almost Back to School Time!

By: Jaymie Leighton Muller
From: Cast Iron Alibi
Series: Vintage Kitchen Mysteries
Release Date: November 5th, 2019
Publisher: Beyond the Page
Website: Victoria Hamilton Mysteries
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Remember when... you faced the new school year with that weird mingling of trepidation and excitement? I do! It's a while since I did that myself, but it is vividly remembered when you have a 9-almost-10 year old!

Jocie and her dad are on a trip right now, off to meet/visit her grandparents in Poland. I had my own stuff going on here, and I wanted to give them time with her mom's side of the family (poor Ingrid, Jocie's mother, died quite a few years ago now) to get to know them and Jocie's Polish cousins. So... I'm at home, dealing with stuff (Cast Iron Alibi, out November 5th) which I will tell you all about later. Hoo boy, it's a lot!

But anyway... I have seen/talked to Jocie and Jakob on Facetime and in phone calls. But every time we speak, Jocie tags on at the end of the conversation stuff we need to buy/do/sign up for before school starts. She's one of those kids, eager for school, and to see her friends, and it takes me back...

That was me. Jocie couldn't be more my daughter if I had borne her. Truly. So I am saving a back-to-school shopping trip as my reward for all I'm dealing with right now.

So... were you a school-a-holic, or a school avoider? Did you look forward to the first day, or drag your feet? And what was your favorite thing to buy for school? I must admit to a fondness for colored pencils!


Are you up-to-date?

Cast Iron Alibi, #9 of the Vintage Kitchen Mysteries is coming out November 5th... are you up-to-date with the series?

The books in order are:
1 - A Deadly Grind
2 - Bowled Over
3 - Freezer I'll Shoot
4 - No Mallets Intended
5 - White Colander Crime
6 - Leave It to Cleaver
7 - No Grater Danger
8 - Breaking the Mould

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  1. I was mostly a school-a-holic. I loved learning, it was the socializing that was hard for me. I was very, very shy.