Sunday, August 4, 2019

Dog Days? How about Cat Days?

by Nigel, Tally Holt’s Maine Coon cat
from the upcoming Vintage Sweets series by Kaye George


These are the Dog Days, I heard my human say. Why would she say that? She doesn’t have a dog. She has a cat, me! She and her friend, Yolanda, were talking about Sirius, which is a dog star, I guess. Big deal.

Then they mentioned that there are two dog stars! A big one and a little one*. When they appear in the sky, that’s when Dog Days start. I always thought Dog Days were the days when dogs showed their true nature. Panting, drooling, lying around useless like the bums they are. I mean, I could probably catch three mice in the time they take to circle and lie down.

When do we get our days, I ask. To make them stop yammering on eternally about dogs, I jump into Tally’s lap—she’s my human and a pretty good provider—and start chittering to get her attention. Hello? There is a cat here?

“Oh hi,” she says. “Don’t feel bad Nigel, there’s a whole Cat Constellation*.”

That makes me stop and take notice. I widen my eyes and grow silent.

“It was created by a French man who felt bad about his cat not having a star.”

I settle down into her lap and start purring, grateful to that wise and wonderful French man.

This is Kaye George, the author of the Vintage Candy series with some new information since last month. REVENGE IS SWEET, the first book in the new series, is ready for pre-order for Kindle! (I’m assured that the real cover will spell my name right.)

*Canis Major, Canis Minor

photos from Wikipedia articles above

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