Thursday, August 29, 2019

Fall Flower Choices

Character: Audrey Bloom
Series: Bridal Bouquet Shop Mysteries
Author: Barbara Early (writing as Beverly Allen)

Audrey Bloom, here. With Labor Day right around the corner, we’re busy at the Rose in Bloom creating fall bridal bouquets. There are some wonderful choices—and some not-so-wonderful choices (don’t tell my cousin Liv that I said that! She thinks any flowers we get paid for are good choices.)

But I like designing personalized bouquets based on the old Victorian language of flowers, and there are some popular choices that might just well be…sending the wrong message.

Courtesy: North Carolina Department
of Transportation,
 I-40W-SunflowersCC BY 2.0
Take the sunflower. Big sunny yellow blooms. Almost like they’re showing off. Perhaps that’s why it conveys a meaning of haughtiness.

Chrysanthemums may be a better choice. They suggest cheerfulness. But some old guides say “cheerfulness under adversity,” which might not be the appropriate sentiment for a new marriage.

Marigolds show a lot of fall color. But be careful, they stink a little, to put it mildly. They also carry the meanings of grief, pain, and trouble.

Courtesy:Kinjal bose 78Flowers 107CC BY-SA 4.0
Dahlias are plentiful this time of year, ranging in color from bright white to
purples. The old guides are split on the meaning. Some say they represent elegance and dignity. Others say instability. (Maybe if you’re carrying dahlia down the aisle, it might be a good idea to wear flats!)

Hydrangeas are still available, of course. But I never recommend them. They can mean boastfulness or heartlessness. Neither are the best symbols for a bride to carry into her new marriage.

Zinnias might be a nice choice. They carry the sentimental meaning of thoughts of absent friends. What a wonderful way to commemorate loved ones who can’t attend, or who have passed over, as Grandma Mae used to say.

Better yet, come on in to the Rose in Bloom in Ramble, Virginia, and we’ll fix you up with the perfect bouquet for you. 

(And Liv reminds me to say that we do ship and do consults on Skype.)

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