Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Meet TBI Officer, Red Olson - Dog Club Mystery Serie by V. M. Burns

My name is Dennis Olson and I’m an investigator with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations. Although, everyone calls me, Red. A few months ago, a friend and fellow law enforcement officer, Joe Harrison, asked me to keep an eye on his girlfriend, Stephanie and her mom, Lilly Ann Echosby. Little did I realize how that simple request would completely change my life.

Lilly was a recent widow and she and her toy poodle, Aggie, moved to Chattanooga for a fresh start. Keeping an eye on Lilly and her daughter, Stephanie, who was visiting, threw us into close proximity and it turned out that Lilly and I hit it off. As a former member of the Army and a law enforcement officer, I had become adept at hiding my feelings and keeping people at arm’s length. I had seen unspeakable atrocities during my life in the military, and endured mental, emotional and physical torture, which have left scars on both the inside and out. Needless to say, I had given up on the idea of finding someone that I could trust. However, Lilly and Aggie were different. Before I knew what had happened, they both managed to worm their way around my barriers and I was hooked, but trust runs two ways and that's a lesson that I had to learn.

I don’t like talking about myself, so if you want to get to know more, you should read the Dog Club Mystery Series by V. M. Burns. You can read all about how Lilly and Aggie met and the sequence of events that led her to seek a new life in Chattanooga in IN THE DOG HOUSE, the first book in the series. In THE PUPPY WHO KNEW TOO MUCH, you can read how Lilly and I met and on August 27th, you can read about the case that tested our relationship in Lilly and Aggie’s latest adventure, BARK IF IT’S MURDER.

Lilly Echosby just witnessed a murder on a pet cam. Or did she? 

When a last-minute opportunity arises to accompany her boss to an art auction in Atlanta, Lilly throws some money at the problem of where to board her toy poodle Aggie (short for Agatha Christie). Posh Pet Haven offers the most luxurious canine accommodations in all of Chattanooga, Tennessee. The place even provides pet cams so anxious owners can check in on their pampered pooches.

But when Lilly tries to take a peek at her poodle, she gets a terrible shock—she witnesses what she’s sure is a murder. She thinks the victim may be the wealthy co-owner of Pet Haven. The police follow her lead but find no body, no evidence of a crime, and no video record. Starting to feel like the dog owner who cried wolf, Lilly decides to go undercover to catch a killer who may be hiding in plain sight…

IN THE DOG HOUSE                                               Amazon| BN

THE PUPPY WHO KNEW TOO MUCH                 Amazon |BN

BARK IF IT’S MURDER                                          Amazon| BN

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  1. I just love this series. That little Aggie is so adorable!