Sunday, September 22, 2019

Aloha, from Cait Morgan in Hawaii

I’m sitting here in my rural home in British Columbia on a misty September day recalling the time Bud and I had in Hawaii on our honeymoon. It’s not that long ago, but sometimes it feels as though we’ve done a lot during our time together. We were married in Wales; we should have been married in a magnificent fantasy castle built in the nineteenth century on the site of prehistoric ruins, a Roman temple and a Norman fortification. But there was a dead body on the stairs to the cellar and…well, that’s another story. (The Corpse with the Sapphire Eyes)

Suffice it to say we finally got to enjoy our honeymoon, which we spent on a Hawaiian cruise. We spent some time in Honolulu before the ship sailed, then we travelled from island to island, and sipped a few mai tais along the way! 

Honolulu was delightful. We decided we’d splurge on a lovely hotel. This was the view from our window.

We attended a drinks party one evening that was being held in a local park, where there was a display of hula dancing by some tiny tots from the local school just at sunset.

We also watched some of their adult counterparts which was thrilling. Their skills were amazing, and they performed with grace and expertise. I love the flaming torches they have dotted everywhere – they create a unique atmosphere.

We also saw a wedding ceremony taking place at this lovely chapel. 

We strolled along the beach when we got to Maui.

We enjoyed our time in the islands very much and were looking forward to four days at sea on our return to Vancouver. I took this photo of my feet in the sand to remind myself of our time there. 

But – wouldn’t you know it – the man who was on board teaching guests to play card games dropped dead in front of us (and I mean that literally) and Bud and I found ourselves helping the ship’s head of security to solve one of the most baffling cases we’ve ever faced.

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“…impeccably researched, tightly plotted, and fast paced. It started with a bang and pulled me through one twist after another, but it wasn’t all action; it was also rich with detail.  I really enjoyed seeing Hawaii through the eyes of an author who’s obviously spent time there observing.” Island Confidential

Written with the aid of author Cathy Ace - who took all the photos, and will be visiting Honolulu on September 22nd, enjoying the sights (and - maybe - sipping a mai tai or two!). If you LIKE her page on Facebook, you can follow her as she travels from Hawaii, to Tahiti, Bora Bora, New Zealand and Australia over the next month. CLICK HERE TO REACH HER FB PAGE. She'll post photos along the way...come and enjoy the trip!


  1. I just finished The Corpse with the Silver Tongue and really enjoyed it. I am now starting on The Corpse with the Golden Nose and can't wait to work my way up to The Corpse with the Diamond Hand ~

    1. Hello Celia - due to some technical problems I have only just found this comment from you. I didn't mean to ignore either it, or you! Thanks ever so much for giving Cait Morgan a chance to win you over with her sleuthing - I am so pleased you enjoyed her first adventure, and hope you continue to travel with her.