Saturday, September 21, 2019

Cast Iron Alibi Pre-Order!!

By: Melody Heath
From: Cast Iron Alibi
Series: Vintage Kitchen Mystery #9
Publication Date: November 5th, 2019
Publisher: Beyond the Page
Author: Victoria Hamilton
Website: Victoria Hamilton Mysteries

Hey... uh... you don't know me. I'm Melody Heath. That's my real name, not my pseudonym. You see,  I'm a writer, so I have several pseudonyms that I use for the different genres of romance novels I write: contemporary, Regency, historical.

I'm a good friend of Jaymie Leighton's... Müller, I guess her last name is now. We went to university together. We call it college in the States, but Canadians call their higher learning institutes universities most often, and we went to the University of Western Ontario.

Anyway, we're here in Michigan at her cottage: her, me, and some of our friends from back in the day... our crazy college days. We're doing fun camping stuff... campfires and s'mores, a dinner cruise on the river... you know... fun stuff! But it's all gone sideways. Between old grudges, inevitable tensions of five women sharing one bathroom, tagalong friends, and weirdness from this strange little island community, it's an odd holiday. Not to mention a few of us have unresolved relationships, so there are random annoyed husbands hanging about complicating matters. And those old grudges... and some new grudges... dang, but they get in the way!

And then there is the matter of murder. We've all heard of Jaymie's ability to sniff out a criminal, but it's fascinating for me (everything interests me; I'm a writer!) to witness it up close and to meet her cool friends, from Mrs. Stubbs, Val Nibley, Bernie and Heidi, and the police detective Angela Vestry, who has an ongoing beef with Jaymie. Those two just don't see eye to eye.

So it's a vacation that's kind of a mess. I feel sorry for Jaymie. All she wanted was to have fun with her friends and another murder investigation interferes. I just hope that the killer isn't among our group of friends or their tagalongs. That would be truly terrible.

I'm starting to wonder how much I really know about these people I have known for seventeen years or so. Have you ever wondered... what goes on among your friends and family that you don't know about?


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In the new Vintage Kitchen Mystery from the author of Breaking the Mould, when an over-amorous handyman is found murdered, Jaymie will have to use every tool at her disposal to nab the culprit . . .

“I have loved this series from the first book . . . it’s like returning to a favorite nook for a cup of tea. It will delight, entice, and drive a reader to want to solve the murder.” —Goodreads on No Grater Danger

Looking forward to her girls-only college reunion vacation, Jaymie’s on cloud nine at the idea of lazy trips to the beach, dinner cruises on the nearby river, and snug sleeping in the vintage trailer she’s renovated. But no sooner does the group reconnect than her hopes turn to tension as petty squabbles and old acrimonies surface, along with tagalong friends, unexpected guests, and stalkerish ex-husbands. And when a local toolbelt Romeo with an eye for one of the women is found murdered, his home ablaze, the simmering hostility in the group suddenly shifts to secrecy.

Local law enforcement is zeroing in on the victim’s best friend and girlfriend as the most likely suspects, but Jaymie’s inquisitive instincts are telling her one of her former classmates may have been involved in the foul deed. Forced to navigate her fraught relationship with a local police detective and determined to uncover the myriad secrets her college friends are hiding, Jaymie knows she’ll have to dig deep to figure out whose alibi is cast iron, and whose is flimsy as tin . . .
Includes vintage recipes!

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  1. Just pre-ordered since I hadn't yet. Could have swore I did, but oh well better late than never! Love this series and cannot wait to see what happens. Sounds fun and entertaining as always!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm really happy with this book, and so is my editor... LOL!! Once you've read it, if you like it, please consider reviewing it on Goodreads and/or Amazon... even just a thumbs up is enough!!