Monday, September 30, 2019

Into the Center of the Earth

By Lucy Richardson from the Lighthouse Library Series by Eva Gates

At the Bodie Island Lighthouse Library Classic Novel Book Club we’re currently reading Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne.

Okay, the science in the book is totally off the wall. Sunlight and growing plants underground? But it’s a fun book. I love the part where they decide to get in shape for descending an Icelandic volcano by climbing a church steeple a coupe of times.

By total coincidence, we’re currently having work done on the foundations of the library building. 
And, believe it or not, an old tin box was found that contains a coded letter and a map. Just like in Journey to the Center of the Earth!

They’re calling for someone to climb down and get the box. My boss, Bertie James has gone pale with panic (turns out she’s hugely claustrophobic. Who knew?). She’s looking around for someone to go in her place. She’s holding out the hard hat they gave her to… me?

Oops. The center of the earth is fun in a book. Maybe not in real life

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