Thursday, September 5, 2019

Woof for a Good Cause!

By Jazz Ramsey of Kylie Logan’s “The Scent of Murder” on behalf of Kylie

Every author knows the truth–no book is written in a vacuum.  No matter the setting, the time period, the subject, every book requires plenty of research.  This, I’ve found out, is especially true with mysteries.

Mystery readers are smart.  They are curious.  Sure, they read mysteries because they like puzzles and they like the fact that (at least most) mysteries end with an injustice being righted.  But mystery readers also like to learn new things.

It explains why so many of the “theme” mysteries are so popular now.  Bakeries, libraries, book stores, pawn shops, restaurants, bed and breakfast inns . . . by visiting these places in our books, readers have a chance to look behind the scenes and learn how things work.

The same is true for authors.  When we write a book, we look behind the scenes and learn all we can about our subjects.  When Kylie Logan first came up with the idea for the Jazz Ramsey mysteries, she knew she needed plenty of help when it came to research.  Sure, Kylie is a dog lover, but her heroine, Jazz, not only loves canines, but she trains and handles cadaver dogs.

That’s where the Ohio Search Dog Association came in.

The wonderful folks (and their dogs!) at OSDA welcomed Kylie to training and showed her the ropes.  They introduced her to their dogs, showed her how those dogs were trained, and let her watch as those incredible animals went through the paces and found the human remains they were looking for.

And now it’s time for Kylie (and me, Jazz) to give something back.  OSDA is having a fund raiser on Thursday, September 12.  If you’re in the northeast Ohio area, stop in.  You’ll have a chance to meet the dedicated people and the talented dogs of the group.  Kylie will be there, too.

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