Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Ask Zodia’s Halloween Predictions

That’s me . . . Julia Bonatti.   
Only a very select few know that I’m AskZodia! 
That’s the name of my astrological advice column for the San Francisco Chronicle.  I get some of the most wonderful fan letters and questions and some of the most heartbreaking ones too.  I do my best to give good sound astrological advice and sometimes all that’s needed is a dose of common sense.  

But that’s not what’s exciting me now.  It’s Halloween, and it’s coming soon.  Next to Christmas it’s one of my favorite holidays.  Especially since my friends at The Mystic Eye go all out this time of year.  Sometimes a party, a special show or just an open house for all their customers with a psychic fair to boot.

Between my private clients and my newspaper column, I barely have time to look at my own chart and check my transits, but this year, Halloween is shaping up to be a great holiday!

Yes, I know, Saturn and Pluto are hovering in Capricorn, making like very difficult for both Cancers and Capricorns, but let’s forget that for a little while.  This year, on the magical night, Uranus is rising as the sun goes down, and it’s opposed by the Moon in Scorpio.  Fasten your seatbelts, some electrifying surprises are in the air.  The Moon and Jupiter are close together in Sagittarius.  You’ll make lots of fun connections and Venus and Mercury are also conjoined in late Scorpio.  
Could very well be some romance in the air, you just never know.  Behind that Halloween mask could be the love of your life, even if he does look like a ghoul. 
So that’s it, stargazers.  Have a marvelous time, stay safe and be open to new friends and exciting connections! 

If you’d like to know more about Julia, San Francisco or The Mystic Eye, you can visit my author at her website or Facebook or Twitter @askzodia.


  1. Hey Julia - say hi to Connie for me! I knew life was difficult lately - I'm a Cancer ;-). Happy Halloween! sally

    1. Oh, Sally, sorry! My husband's a Cancer, so I sympathize. Depends of course on what degree your Sun sign is, but Pluto and Saturn can be very difficult. Hope this ends soon! And by the way, that's one of the best things about astrology -- timing. You know when you can breathe easier. PS: You can always write to me offline too. X0

  2. Thanks Julia. This Gemini is looking forward to the holiday!