Thursday, October 17, 2019

Heck yeah, I'm a diva!

BY: Tammy Barker
FROM: Cajun Country Mysteries
BY: Ellen Byron

Hey, y'all! Tammy Barker here. I'm headlining the Cajun Country Live! festival that my hometown, Pelican, Louisiana, is hosting. I won a national TV contest that was like "The Voice," only better, and now I'm a singing superstar. That's right, a full-on...

Which is all fine and good, but what I wanna be is a full-on...
Pop diva. 

If I look bored, well... it's because I am!!

Us country gals are supposed to be all sweet and nice and stuff, but it's hard when you got a pop star diva inside of you just dyin' to get out.

How do I handle this? Simple. I take it out on everyone around me. Especially that Gaynell Bourgeois. Gaynell says she has no idea why I hate her so much. Hah! I remember what happened in high school even if you don't, Miss Gaynell. And now that I'm rich and famous... it's payback time.

Readers, do you hold a grudge from your past?

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