Friday, October 25, 2019

Things Change, Even in Ireland

Character:   Mick Nolan
Book:   Fatal Roots
Series:   County Cork Mysteries
Author:   Sheila Connolly

I've never been one to talk, even though I work in a pub, which is seldom silent. Earlier in my life, when I finished uni, I talked a lot, but there were a few unhappy episodes that all but shut me down. Those are things I rarely talk about.

So I found myself in behind the bar in Sullivan's Pub in the tiny village of Leap in West Cork, and I counted myself as content. I barely knew old Mick, the owner of the place, but he was a friend of my gran's. She lived up the hill a few miles, and though most of my family had given up on me, I made sure to look in on her regularly, and she never lost faith in me. Most of Old Mick's business at the pub was made up of his cronies, and he barely knew whether I was in the pub or not. It suited me, for a while.

County Cork image
Gran's cottage
Then Old Mick passed on, and without telling any of us he left the pub and the house he'd owned for a generation to a stranger, Maura Donovan from Boston. Although she might have been a distant cousin of some sort, none of us knew. She'd never been to Ireland, or even out of Boston much, so she appeared in Leap one day, planning to sell her inheritance and go back to the States and figure out her own life.

Connolly's 2011
Sullivans (aka Connolly's) in Leap

A coupla years later she's still in Leap, living in the cottage Old Mick left her and running his pub. I'm working for her now. but Old Mick probably wouldn't recognize his old pub. There's Internet now, and live music on weekends, and we've just built a new kitchen that serves pizza, odd as that seems. 

But there's more. When Maura arrived she seemed like a lost puppy, with no friends or relatives, and no plan for her life. She was strong and determined, but she needed help to figure things out, much as I did. It took some time, but somehow we ended up together, and I'll be movin' into the cottage soon to share it with her. That's made me gran happy. It makes me happy too. Maura seems to have found a home for herself here, and I've finally shaken off my  past.

Feels a bit odd to be happy.

Fatal Roots will be available from Crooked Lane Books in January 2020.


  1. Can't wait for the opportunity to read "Fatal Roots".
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  2. Great! I really like this series.

  3. Such a great series! I'm happy for Mick and Maura and can't wait to read Fatal Roots ~