Wednesday, October 16, 2019

You bought what!!!!!

Hi, Reagan Summerside here all the way from Savannah, Georgia. Yesterday Auntie KiKi and I went shopping and look what I bought  
Okay, I did it. Made the impulse purchase that I just couldn’t resist. Not that this is my first Just Have To Have It purchased there was that pink scooter that Walker Boone escaped on but this is probably my craziest.
Yep, here he is. Meet Sherlock Bear. I tried to justify it in that yes, I do love mysteries, and even solve the things here with Auntie KiKi and Bruce Willis, my canine version.
And okay, I get that Sherlock is really a fictional character but to me he was/is not that. Somewhere in my brain I think of him as real. I love this character. Love that he is a bit off the mark, so darn smart and is at peace with who he is, the kind of detective Id love to be!!. 
My kind of to Walker Boone of course. Definitely my kind of character.
So, you see where I’m coming from! I just had to buy Sherlock Bear. Right now he’s in my spare bedroom but I intend to take Sherlock Bear, all seven feet of his handsomeness, on the road with me to maybe visit the kids’ library here in Savannah. What a photo ops, right!!! The kids will love Sherlock Bear! So will the adults...or they will call the guys in the white coats to come get the crazy lady with the bear.
So my question to you today is... What impulse buy did you make? Did you regret it? Love it all the more? Or was it one of those What the heck was I thinking purchases?

excerpt from Demise in Denim
The convertible top was down, a crescent moon hung low over the marshlands and the night sky was filled with a bazillion stars as I drove Walker Boone’s precious ’57 red Chevy toward Tybee Post. It was a perfect spring night except that my palms were sweating, my heart was rocketing around in my chest, and there were one, two, make that four police cars on my bumper, their red and blue lights flashing in my rearview mirror.  
Figuring I’d pushed the surely you can’t be after little ol’ me routineas far as I could, I pulled to the side of the road as the string of cruisers lined behind me. 
     “Get out with you hands raised,” blared from the cop bullhorn. Teeth chattering I finally wrenched the car door open and stood, arms up. Immediately they were handcuffed behind me. Okay, I’d expected this to happen but the real deal was downright terrifying. 
“You’re not Boone,” a cop growled as he spun me around. “Where is he? You wanted us to think you’re Walker Boone.”
“Would I do that?”
“You’re even wearing his jacket and hat and driving his car. You’re leading us on a wild goose chase. So where is he?”
“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”


  1. I impulse buy dragons and crystals. I love them all.

  2. What a terrific combo!!!!!!! Just good karma in your house.