Saturday, November 2, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving, a bit early...

By Jill Gardner of A Very Mummy Holiday by Lynn Cahoon

Hi guys,
I'm getting ready to take off for our trip to the dunes of Oregon. Greg had convinced the group that we need to spend Thanksgiving on a road trip so we're meeting Blake and Kathi for a few days together before the rest of the crew shows up for the actual Thanksgiving dinner. The cabin we rented is more like a house so there will be lots of room for all of us.

I'm looking forward to some good reading time, if Greg doesn't make me ride the dunes with him. If he does, I guess reading will have to take a back seat since couple time is important too. Even if it's being scared to death riding the dunes in a small vehicle. At least I'll have Emma with us, just in case we need rescuing.

But I'm really looking forward to the dinner - I love turkey and mashed potatoes, and pie!!! Yum.

What's your favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner?


A Very Mummy Holiday -

Jill Gardner has left her book-and-coffee shop behind to spend Thanksgiving week in coastal Oregon with her cop boyfriend, her golden retriever Emma, and a crowd of friends and family. But before the feast can start, foul play interrupts their vacation . . .

The rented house was supposed to be a relaxing getaway. But Jill and her companions feel a sense of danger instead. First, they learn that their hosts’ son had a fiancée, but her disappearance remains unexplained—and then they meet some menacing members of a local trail-riding club. When one of Jill and Greg’s friends finds human remains amid the dunes—with a diamond ring around one mummified finger—things start heating up fast, and they’ll be thankful just to survive through the long weekend . . .

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  1. My favorite Part is the Turkey and real cranberries...its just a fun day usually and a catch up with all the out of town relatives.

  2. My favorite part is pumpkin pie 🎃 with lots of whipped cream.