Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Meet Lady Elizabeth Marsh from the Mystery Bookshop Mystery Series by V. M. Burns

After her husband died, Samantha Washington, decided to follow her dreams. She quit her job as a high school English teacher and opened the mystery bookshop she and her husband had always dreamed about. However, the bookstore was only one of Samantha’s dreams. She also dreamed about writing British historic cozy mysteries. The Mystery Bookshop Mystery series by V. M. Burns includes two mysteries. There’s the mystery that Samantha Washington is dealing with in North Harbor, Michigan along with the mystery that Samantha is writing. My name is Lady Elizabeth Marsh and I’d like to tell you about my story.

England in 1938 is still recovering from the devastation of the first world war. Many of the great houses have crumbled due to loss of heirs in the war, death duties and the changing times. Lord William Marsh has been fortunate and Wickfield Lodge, the ancestral home of the Marsh family is still intact. While the duke and I were never blessed with children of our own, when Lord William’s brother, Peregrine and his lovely wife, Henrietta, were killed in an automobile accident, we had the pleasure of raising their two lovely daughters, Daphne and Penelope. To look at the girls, you would think they were as different as night and day. However, dark haired, dark eyed Penelope and fair hair, blue eyed Daphne are actually more alike than people know. Both are now happily married and William and I couldn’t be happier.

In BOOKMARKED FOR MURDER, I find myself faced with a suspicious incident. After Daphne married the 15th duke of Kingfordshire, Lord James Browning, Lady Penelope and I take a quick trip into London to take advantage of the Boxing Day Sales. That’s when Mrs. Eleanor Forsythe tells us a strange tale. Eleanor believes someone is trying to kill her. Is she just another, ‘batty old dear,’ as her companion, Muriel Sanderson states? I’m not sure. However, when she dies suddenly after taking a mysterious tumble down a flight of stairs, I’m inclined to believe Eleanor may have been telling the truth. Ladies of a particular class, are expected to host parties, embroider cushions and manage their homes. While I’m adept at all of those things, I also have a keen mind and a passion for seeing justice is served. So, I’m determined to make sure that Eleanor Forsythe’s murderer is brought to justice, no matter what the cost.

BOOKMARKED FOR MURDER releases on Tuesday, November 26th. Preorder your copy today.

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