Saturday, November 16, 2019

Sherlock in Savannah

Hi Reagan Summerside here from the Consignment Shop series written by Duffy Brown and set in Savannah.
I’m a Sherlock fan...actually I’m a Sherlock nut that is proved by the big Sherlock Bear I have in the Prissy Fox, my consignment shop here in Savannah. I got it as a present from my wonderful new husband, Walker Boone. He said I’m always solving crimes and have hero worship for Sherlock Holmes

Fact is, I love anything Sherlock. I read Sherlock as a kid but the real love affair started with the new BBC series Sherlock played by Benedict Cumberbatch and the best Dr. Watson ever played by Martin Freeman. The only drawback is these two terrific actors can only get together for three episodes a year…or every two years. 
Dr. Watson in old movies is often kind of a stupid guy. He’s a doctor so he’s intelligent but not all that clever. Not so with the new Dr. Watson. He’s smart and clever and a perfect match for Sherlock.
The thing with the new Sherlock series is that they brought it into the 21stCentury. I thought I’d hate this but the writers and produces did such an amazing job of making Sherlock true to his character. 
And the stories are a take off of the original ones. A Study in Scarlet became aStudy in Pink. The Sign of Four became The Sign of Three. You get the picture
But enough of the new Sherlock there is still the magic of the old Sherlock to consider. What is amazing to me is despite the old-fashioned language and pace the stories have stood the test of time and are still captivating. IMO it's not really the mystery that’s the draw but the character of Holmes himself. It really is amazing that a character such a product of his times can be still so intriguing over a hundred years later. Sherlock is a super-hero in many ways but also an enigmatic and flawed hero which makes him so intriguing. 
So, are you a Sherlock fan? Do you think you know your Sherlock? Here’s a little Sherlock quiz. Let me know how you do.
Sherlock questions:
            What instrument did Sherlock play?
            Where did Holmes live (Do you know the address?)
            Who was his sidekick?
            What was the first Sherlock Holmes book?
            Name of his brother?
            Name of his nemesis? 
            His one love interest?  
           Who was his housekeeper?

            What did he take up when he retired? (That’s a tough one)
            Author of Sherlock Holmes?
So, how did you do?
Are you a Sherlock nut like me? Do you have a Sherlock bear or other Sherlock memorabilia? I think I need therapy.
Come visit me in Savannah and take a walk around my consignment shop, the Prissy Fox, and we’ll talk all things Sherlock.
Hugs, Reagan Summerside


  1. I knew all the answers but do not have any memorabilia. I think I need some.

  2. I know the answers but do not own any memorabilia, except maybe copies of the series.

  3. I have all the Sherlock Holmes books and stories both in Kindle and print..and I have all the Nigel Bruce and Basil Rathbone Movies...when I was a little girl I thought Dr. Watson was part of my family lol..
    Marilyn Watson