Monday, December 9, 2019

A Crisp Christmas

By Emily Westhill from the Deputy Donut Mysteries by Ginger Bolton

I'm dreaming of a crisp Christmas with crisp white snow and bright blue skies, with cookies crisp from the oven and packages wrapped in crisp paper.

When I told my friend Scott I was hoping for a crisp Christmas, he turned almost as white as the snow. "You want a crispy Christmas?" he repeated in mock horror. Scott is the fire chief of our small northern Wisconsin town, Fallingbrook.

"Not crispy, I said, "not toasted or burnt, but crisp. Weather that's so cold it snaps."

He gave me another worried look. "What about our moonlight tobogganing party? We don't want to get frostbite."

We didn't. Misty and Samantha, my two best friends since junior high were there. Misty is a Fallingbrook police officer, and Samantha is an Emergency Medical Technician. Three of our male friends went tobogganing with us. I've pegged Scott for Misty, and Samantha and Misty's police officer partner, Hooligan (he won't tell us his real name) and  Samantha are really cute together. The third man, Brent, is a Fallingbrook detective. And no, Brent and I are not a couple. We're good friends.

The night was crisp, but not too brisk, and the snow was slippery without being too icy to climb up the hill. We laughed a lot.

After we'd bumped down that hill about twenty times, we went to Brent's house. He lit a fire in his wood-burning fireplace. We drank mulled cider (no alcohol--most of us were driving) and snacked on spiced nuts, snowflake donuts, and Christmas cookies. Some of the cookies were crisp, some were chewy, and all of them were just right.

We didn't need Samantha's paramedic skills, Scott's firefighting skills, or Misty's, Hooligan's, and Brent's law enforcement skills. I always feel safe with those five. I always feel happy with them, also. This tobogganing party might become a new, crisp Christmas tradition.

What about you? Do you have traditions or are there some you'd like to start? Comment below for a chance to win today's Season's Readings giveaway--your choice of a print copy of Survival of the Fritters, Goodbye Cruller World, or Jealousy Filled Donuts. Entrants from the U.S. and Canada only, please.

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  1. The traditions I have are ordinary ones....putting up the tree and decorations, sending Christmas cards and connecting with family and friends. dbahn(at)iw(dot)net

  2. We do an annual candlelight tour every year for Christmas. Thanks for the chance.

  3. When we have kids visiting, one of our traditions is to bake cookies with them. It's always fun. mbradeen [at] yahoo [dot] com

  4. Our traditions are just enjoying time with the family.
    debby236 at g mail dot com

  5. My favorite Christmas tradition was my Dad always arriving very early so he could go down the hall saying “Hohoho Santa’s been here!” and waking up our daughter to go see what was under the tree. It was a tradition that we all loved – including his granddaughter. When she had just turned a teenager, she actually woke up very early to get dressed and fixed up (you know teenagers when it comes to having their photos taken) and then crawled back into bed just so Pappaw could “wake her up” Christmas morning like he always did. I cherish these memories since both Dad and our daughter are together now having Christmas in heaven. <3 Mom joined them a few years later.

    My favorite tradition now is to bake the goodies using my Granny and Mom's passed down recipes. Then I do as my Mom did and prepare pretty goody boxes to deliver to friends, family and those confined to their homes or nursing home. Hubby loves to bake as well so we do it as a couple. When I do this, I can still feel the love from my Mom going forward as I share with others and that makes me all happy inside and big smile on my face.

    Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to win one of your books which I always enjoy reading!
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  6. One of our Christmas traditions is to attend midnight mass at a 200 year old chuch on Christmas Eve, then go to Denny's for a meal. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!
    browninggloria(at)hotmail(dot) com

  7. The precious time the family is together is meaningful. We have a celebration meal and then storytelling for hours and treats for all. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  8. Our family makes all of the gifts we give each other. We are very artistic and create some wonderful things. Both my sons are woodworkers and a daughter is an artist. I usually sew my items.

  9. We have a tradition which we love. Every year the family gets into the car and gazes at the beautiful decorations. I have done this since I was a young girl and loved this special outing. Then we go back home for a homecooked meal, and delectable desserts. elliotbencan(at)hotmail(dot)com

  10. No snow in south Florida, that's for sure.

    libbydodd at comcast dot net

  11. We always play games Christmas Day. Lots of healthy competition, laughs, conversations, and memories.

  12. I get together with family and friends and we bake cookies and put up the tree. Happy Holidays!

  13. There are always a few special cookies I only bake at the holidays, but other than that, we have few actual traditions. There is one I have long wanted to do, though. I'd like to read, out loud to each other, Dickens' classic, "A Christmas Carol", every night, starting December 1st. The one year we did try it, I kept falling asleep every time it was my husband's turn to read. (He didn't bore me, rather he soothed my sleep-deprived brain into slumber).

  14. When I was a child Santa came to visit on Christmas Eve because we had to travel on Christmas Day to visit the grandparents. Word down my husband and Step-daughter to Christmas Eve too. I just can't wait.

  15. I always look forward to Christmas Eve day when we spend time together making treats for Santa (& ourselves).
    turtle6422 at gmail dot com

  16. Living in Minnesota, I relate to the cold and snow. I like coming in and enjoying hot chocolate after building a snowman or sledding. suemngirl(at)yahoo(dot)com

  17. Church on Christmas Eve and lunch/dinner at my Sister's House. It is her birthday as well as Christmas so we have a lot of deserts, food, presents and people...

  18. I just like to bundle up and take a walk in the first snow. After that it's downhill!

  19. My tradition is buying my grandsons Christmas jammies every year, preferably matching.

  20. We put up a tree and decorations every year while we listen to Christmas music. ckmbeg (at) gmail (dot) com Love your books!

  21. We have most of the usual traditions: listening to Christmas music, putting up a tree, watching the holiday specials & movies, baking, etc. Thanks for the chance to win! robbfan141729(at)yahoo(dot)com

  22. Our main tradition is getting together as a family for dinner and gift exchange. Not too exciting, but it's what we do. My daughters also some over to help do some holiday baking for us to share with friends. Thanks for the chance.
    ematov (at) comcast (dot) net

  23. I miss the Christmas Eve service our church used to have. So i guess that leaves getting together with friends and family and Christmas Cookies.


  24. Congratulations to Joye, the winner of a print copy of whichever Deputy Donut Mystery she'd like. I've contacted you separately via email, Joye.