Thursday, December 26, 2019

What a Gal!

By Sal Marino
from Peg Cochran's Murder, She Reported Series

Detective Sal Marino here.  Have I ever told you about my gal Elizabeth Adams?  People call her Biz and it suits her—she’s a real whirlwind, I can tell you that.  She’s unlike any other girl I’ve ever met. 

She wants to go places and do things and I admire that.  Most of the girls I’ve dated so far have been looking for a meal ticket and a way out of a soul killing factory job or back breaking work as a cleaner or retail clerk.  And who can blame them?  There aren’t a lot of options for the girls in my neighborhood—immigrants who came here for a better life and ended up living in a tenement and working a grinding job.

Biz comes from a wealthy family but it’s not like she throws it in your face.  And it’s not like she’s sitting at home doing nothing either—she works as a crime photographer for the Daily Trumpet.  That’s how we met—at a crime scene.

I don’t mind telling you it scares me sometimes.  I worry about her, you know?  A crime scene isn’t a place for a young lady.  But I wouldn’t dare say anything to her.  Besides, even while it worries me, I admire her for making her way in a man’s world.

I feel pretty serious about her, and I think she feels the same.  Some people think I have a lot of nerve dating a girl from her social class—like I’m getting above myself or something—but the world is changing and we plan to change with it.

Have you ever fallen in love with someone who was quite different from you?

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  1. I really like this series...congratulations on another one...