Sunday, January 12, 2020

How About We All Try to Get Along?

by Andy Rust, of Murder Ink by Lorraine Bartlett & Gayle Leeson

I don't see what all the fuss is about. Paul Fenton wants to open a tattoo parlor on Victoria Square. So what? Any business that brings more foot traffic to the Square is good for everybody if you ask me.

But some of the uppity snobs in the Victoria Square Merchants Association don't agree. They feel that a tattoo parlor doesn't correspond to the quaint arts and crafty feel of the Square. Excuse me ? What is more artistic than a tattoo—an artistic symbol of self-expression that a person wears from then on? 

Katie tried to be diplomatic during the Merchants Association meeting and see both sides, but I could tell she was leaning toward the opinion of the outraged. Her argument was that Paul would get more business if he located his shop closer to the marina rather than in the heart of the Square. She could have a point there, but she doesn't understand how it feels to have these merchants want to exclude her business. I do. 

The previous Merchants Association president was determined to keep me off the Square and out of the Merchants Association. He failed on both counts, and Angelo's Pizzeria is now one of the most prominent businesses on Victoria Square. Based on my experience, how could I refuse to extend a warm welcome to Paul Fenton?

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