Wednesday, January 8, 2020

January on the Oregon Coast

1st book in the Oregon Honeycomb Mystery series by Nancy Coco
Hi all, I'm Wren Johnson and I own and operate, Let It Bee, a honey/bee shop on the Oregon Coast. I'm so excited to meet you guys and have my story be a part of your lives.

The story takes place in October and it's now January on the Oregon Coast so let's talk about the weather. Here in January, the entire world is green. We have gray skies and a lot of rain, so that greens up the grass, the evergreens and anything else that grows. For most people January is cold and snowy. We rarely have snow on the coast. You see it more on the tops of the Cascades. Things get damp here as temperatures stay in the forties and fifties (degrees Fahrenheit). We grow cool weather flowers, like happy pansies with their colorful faces and daffodils.

The ocean waves roll in and out bringing in pieces of driftwood the size of entire trees. Most of the birds that nest here have gone south for the winter and whales are all in Mexico having babies. But that doesn't mean it's not wonderful to walk the beach and hear the call of the gulls. Of course, the water remains cold and grey green. The air is scented with salt and ozone from the crashing tide.

We don't get a lot of beach visitors in January. Most people are thinking about warmer, dryer climes. But there are the stubborn ones who love to fly giant kites in the shapes of sea creatures and colorful dragons. We build bonfires when the rain stops and turn up the collars of our warm coats.

But it's the deep green that is most joyous. By the end of the month we'll be going into pollen season. The trees will burst forth with pollen and it will fall like dust storms turning all the edges yellow. My cat, Everett, and I love out solitary walks along the beach spotting washed up jellyfish and sand dollars. It's not warm and rarely sunny in January, but it's our home and when we're done we go home to a nice cup of warm tea and milk.

I love every month for the season it brings. What is your favorite part of January?


  1. January to me is when life slows down. The holidays have wound down and we can reflex on the last year and prepare for the new one. It's a time to start over with a clean slat where anything is possible.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  2. January is my birth month. That makes it more fun.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  3. I love January because it's super cold and snowy in Wisconsin which makes me want to snuggle under a blanket and read more. I also take the time to purge things since I'm inside more then outside.
    And loved Death Bee Comes Her! Highly recommend and can't wait for book two. :)

  4. January is a place holder until Spring.