Monday, January 20, 2020

Let There Be Light

By Lilly Jayne
from the Garden Squad mysteries by Julia Henry

I try to appreciate every day, I really do. But winter in New England can be so dark, especially for gardeners. I'm in a constant search for bits of light.
There is gardening. Of course, I pore over seed catalogs and start planning the spring. And there is the bulb forcing that adds a bit of green. I'm also fortunate to have a lovely greenhouse where I can while away the hours. And I do.
I've moved a few more plants into the house this year, and I'm putting lights on them. That burst of color helps. Ernie thinks I should decorate them until spring, and I can get back outside. You know, hearts in February. Shamrocks in March. Easter eggs in April. That could be a bit excessive, but we'll see. You may find me with red paper, doilies and a glue stick in a couple of weeks.
How else can I add light to these dark winter days? I've found that getting out of the house helps. I've taken to going down to Bits, Bolts & Bulbs and helping Ernie in his gardening center. He gives me free reign, and I'm enjoying setting up displays and making kits for people to buy. Ernie really is a dear, and pretends that I'm helping with sales. I doubt it, but I do enjoy the work.
One thing I'm avoiding doing? Volunteering for any more committees. I'm busy, too busy, with meetings where people sit around and very little gets done.
Of course, after the meetings I usually go out with the rest of the Garden Squad for a meal and a debrief. Something I look forward to.
How do you add light to these winter days?

Julia Henry writes the Garden Squad mysteries. Pruning the Dead and Tilling the Truth are both available now. Digging Up the Remains is available for pre-order now!
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  1. I do a fair share of sewing and cross stitch, plus I am trying to knit other things besides scarves! I have fairie lights in every room, as it makes my apartment feel cozy on these dark, winter days.
    I finished Pruning the Dead Friday and am now on Tilling the Truth. Oh, to have friends like the Garden Squad!