Friday, January 17, 2020

Uh Oh, "Here Comes the Body!"

From: Here Comes the Body
By: Mia Carina
Author: Maria DiRico (Ellen Byron)
Series: Catering Hall Mysteries
Publication Date: February 25, 2020
Publisher: Kensington

Hi, I'm Mia Carina, and I'm so psyched to be here! The first book about me and my nutty family comes out in a month - although my author tells me I should let you know that it's available for pre-sale, see links at the bottom, lol - anyhoo, lemme tell you a little about my life. 

I'm a Queens girl, meaning that's the NYC borough I'm from. I'm kinda out of a bad marriage. (The "kinda" part being that the Florida boat my cheating husband was on washed up on shore and his girlfriend's body was in it, but not his.) I ditched Palm Beach and came back to Queens to help my dad Ravello run this catering hall he got from a gambler as payment for a debt. Why was my father owed money from a gambler, you ask? Because he's a lieutenant in the Boldano family; the guy who ran their poker games and such. But now he's got a chance to go straight and I am SO gonna make that happen. If a coupla friggin' murders don't get in the way!

Oh, almost forgot to tell you. My books include recipes. Italian and Greek, mostly. Cuz that's how Astoria rolls.

Mia Carina moves back home to Queens, where her father Ravello, a capo with the Boldoni crime family, has been tasked with running a rundown banquet hall that was surrendered to him by a broke gambler. Mia has always wanted her father to go straight and she’s determined to help him run the place, with its view of Flushing Bay and the LaGuardia Airport runway, as a legitimate business. Then a body pops up – or technically, doesn’t pop up from a jump-out cake at a bachelor party. Who knew working for a catering hall could be as dangerous as working for the Mob?