Sunday, February 16, 2020

A True Southern Home

Auntie KiKi here from the Consignment Shop Mysteries set in Savannah.
One of my dearest friends is redecorating her house, top to bottom and that’s always a scary thing to be doing in my opinion especially if you go and turn it over to one of those snooty decorators who think they know it all. I mean a house...especially a Savannah house has got to have certain things to make it right like a few ghosts here and there to keep things interesting. But here in Savannah we truly believe the more the merrier.
First off there better be a big old table in the kitchen. Not one of those bar things with stools. I mean a fullout table that sits all the family at once. A family that eats together stays together especially if there’s fried chicken on that table.
And while we’re talking kitchen’s there better be a big one. This is cooking country and we need room to move around. Everyone has a job to do like stirring the gravy, and setting the table proper.

And there better be room enough in that house for grandma’s pie safe and auntie’s sewing chest and that there rocker your mamma rocked the babies in. A house can be new but we take our past with us for sure.
When picking out new furniture be thinking something that a swaying. Don’t be forgetting that swing on the porch and the rocker by the hearth. Things that stay put get downright boring if you ask me.
These are some of the must-haves in a Southern home. What’s a must have in your home? A big porch to sit a spell? A fireplace to gather round? A garden for growing tomatoes and okra?   


  1. A big kitchen with lots of counter and cabinet space!!

  2. When we downsized and moved to our dream destination in the Ozark Mountains, we build our true southern home with all our wants and desires. Included in the list of must haves were: large covered porch to sit and watch the daily critters and to admire the view, a open floor plan so we can visit while cooking, we found a piece of property with not one but two of the large stone original fireplaces from the old homestead and built our home around them placing one in the living area and one in the one and only bedroom, oak floors, Amish build cabinets that have large counter space (we even had them made 6 inches deeper than normal to allow for more space), granite counter tops which are awesome for rolling out dough on, screened in back porch for outdoor cooking to eliminate the summer bug problems the south has, a big shower that if possible could accommodate a wheel chair, being that we take care of our elderly at home it had to be handicap ready meaning wider halls and doors and no step ups anywhere, living where neighbors are handy but not right up against you and also low maintenance because getting older makes it harder to keep up. Of course we love our fresh veggies so a raised bed was a must since we live in Stone County which gets its name I'm sure to the many rocks in the soil. We moved in three years ago and loved it from day one. Best decision we ever made.

    Come on in and sit a spell. I bet I can rustle up some goodies to enjoy while we visit and enjoy life in the country.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net