Saturday, February 22, 2020

Come fly with me? by Cait Morgan

by Cait Morgan
from the Cait Morgan Mysteries
by Cathy Ace

It’s that time of year when a lot of people think of travel, and with good cause…February can bring some “poor” weather, as too many of us know. Which made me think of all the traveling I’ve done in the past few years.

There was that trip to Nice, in the south of France, where the chap hosting a party I’d been invited to keeled over dead at the dinner table. That was a mess, and the tragedies just kept coming. It was a life-changing trip for me in more ways than one.

Then Bud Anderson and I made that visit to Kelowna, in British Columbia’s wine-making area. Poor Bud, he was struggling at the time – having just retired as a career cop – and the situation we ended up facing there didn’t help, but we made it through…just!

We needed the relaxation we thought we’d have when we headed down to a lovely resort on the Pacific coast of Mexico, not far from Puerto Vallarta…but, oh my word, the problems we faced there! I don’t want to ever be in a pickle like that again – especially considering what I learned about Bud at that time. I had no idea!

Vegas, baby…that’s what they say. They also say that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, and I have to say that’s a very good thing, if our time there is anything to go by. I did wonder if we’d make it back home alive…we did, but it was a close call, and a very unpleasant business.

Our destination wedding in Wales didn’t go much better, either. Honestly, can people just get their murdering done with before we arrive, please? That said, being stranded in a clifftop castle could have been wildly romantic, I suppose…but what ended up happening? Well, again, we made it through!

If you ever get the chance to visit Hawai’i, I suggest you go – it’s beautiful. We had the joy of cruising around the islands for our honeymoon before we headed back to Vancouver. They should have been four uneventful days at sea, just watching dolphins and topping up our tans…but, no, it wasn’t to be!

When Bud discovered he had a long-lost uncle – a man his mother had never mentioned existed…who does that about their brother? – we were happy to do as his last wishes requested and visit Amsterdam. It’s so beautiful there, and the art galleries, wonderful architecture and even the bars are great fun. But what did we discover about Bud’s long lost uncle? Well, I’ll just say it wasn’t what we’d expected!

We both knew it was the right decision for Bud to stay in Canada to help his mother with her recuperation after a hip replacement when I had to go to do some teaching for the University of Vancouver at the university in Budapest, but I wish now he could have come from the start of my trip – instead of having to fly to my rescue because I’d been blind to a situation I was getting wrapped up in. If I’d thought I’d had close calls before, they were nothing when compared with this adventure, which nearly proved to be my last.


Soon we’re off to Jamaica, for a bit of R&R…I hope we’re in for a quiet time there…

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