Thursday, February 20, 2020

Everythings Coming Up Roses

by Lilly Jayne
of the Garden Squad Mysteries by Julia Henry

You know, one of the hardest times to be a widow is Valentine's Day. But this year, the day was actually lovely.
Tamara and Warwick invited me to join them for dinner. I declined, of course. Time together is so precious, especially for the O'Connors. Too much going on these days.
Delia and Stan had to postpone their date, since he was working at the Star. So she cooked dinner for us, and invited Ernie and Roddy to join. Roddy brought several bottles of sparkling wine, and Ernie must have cleaned out the Italian bakery in the next town. Delia made my favorite lasagna: seafood. I put together a quite lovely cheeseboard if I do say so.
I also brought roses.
I've taken to growing all sorts of flowers in the greenhouse, forcing flowers out of season. I used to not do that. To just be ready for the spring. But winters are long here in New England, and flowers help. A few months ago I planted some tea roses in pots, hoping to time the blooms. Success! All five plants flourished. My friends were delighted.
My gardening friends, do you attempt to rush spring indoors over the winter?

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  1. I've been trying to grow a pineapple, just to see if I could. My first attempt didn't work. My second attempt made it through the summer and now I'm anxious to get it back outside and hope it keeps growing.