Tuesday, March 24, 2020

A Construction Challenge and a #Bookgiveaway

Character:      Miranda Trent
Title:              Still Knife Painting (Book #1)
Series:           Paint & Shine Mysteries
Author:          Cheryl Hollon
Website:         www.cherylhollon.com

Hello. I'm Miranda Trent, owner of Paint & Shine. My brand new business specializes in adventure tours set the Daniel Boone National Forest in eastern Kentucky. My clients paint a picture and then sample a traditional southern meal paired with moonshine. I've been back in Kentucky for a few months now and the business is catching hold with the tourists.

One of the things I have to tackle right away is the building of a moonshine distillery in the old tobacco barn. In fact, this is a condition for ownership that was written in my Uncle Gene's will. I'm sketching up a plan for a micro distillery.

So far, this is about as far as things have gone. There have been some concerns among the church ladies in Wolfe County, but I'm doing my best to work with them so that my work permits and approvals go smoothly. Even though it is a pretty old barn, it was constructed by a dedicated group of neighbors. Of course, my grandfather was a stone mason and carpenter, so that didn't hurt.

What is your least favorite thing about a construction project?


There's a #GIVEAWAY! You'll be entering for a chance at this package. It contains four paper coasters, two pads of sticky notes, a bookmark, a signed advanced copy of STILL KNIFE PAINTING (Paint & Shine Mystery Book #1), as well as two paint palette lollipops. Good Luck!

Leave a comment and your email address in the form of  yourname (at) yourserver (dot) com to foil the SPAM bots. Do this by midnight on the 25th for the chance to win everything picturedThis giveaway is limited to U.S. and Canadian residents. Just a reminder, comments received after midnight on the 24th will go into a moderator's queue. I'll approve them before I make a random selection. Winner will be notified within 48 hours.

Still Knife Painting will release on June 30, 2020. It is available for your pre-order at AmazonNookKoboIndiebound, and also in your favorite independent book store. It is published by Kensington Books If budget is tight, please ask your library to order.

About  Still Knife Painting:

Miranda Trent has set up a sweet life in a scenic corner of Appalachia--until she stumbles across the trail of a killer . . .

After inheriting her uncle's Red River Gorge homestead in Eastern Kentucky--smack dab in the middle of the Daniel Boone National Forest--Miranda comes up with a perfect business plan for summer tourists, pairing outdoor painting classes with sips of local moonshine, followed by a mouthwatering sampler of the best in southern cooking.

To Miranda's delight, Paint & Shine is a total success--until someone kills the cook. As the town's outsider, suspicion naturally falls on Miranda. Murdering the best biscuit baker of Red River Gorge is a high crime in these parts. Miranda will have to prove her innocence before she's moved from farmhouse to jail cell faster than she can say "white lighting" ...

Naturally, my Webb's Glass Shop Mysteries are still available with more to come!

About the author:

Cheryl Hollon writes full time after she left an engineering career designing and building military flight simulators in amazing countries such as England, Wales, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan and India. 

Fulfilling the dream of a lifetime, she combines writing with a passion for creating glass art. Cheryl and her husband, George, live in downtown St. Petersburg visiting museums, walking the parks, and sampling the adult beverages.

Visit Cheryl at her WebsiteFacebookInstagram or Twitter


  1. Yes please, I'd love to win this package. I need more books to entertain me while the country is on lockdown. At 72 I'm in fairly good health and only have my seasonal allergies to deal with. On top of the virus epidemic I'm trying to get my house ready for the Holiday of Passover. Yeah that one... the plagues (corona) the Locusts (Africa) and what comes next. There are eight more could hit us if who/what ever is up there decides to hit RESET!.

    NoraAdrienne (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. I have lots of allergies so I hate the dust.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  3. Thank you for being so generous during this challenging time! jerri dot atherton at gmail dot com

  4. My husband has family in Wolfe County, and it is an interesting place in the mountains. Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. Construction project -hhmm the worst part is the upheaval of everything, then the dust :-(
    Too many loud noises & people. We had several houses built from the ground up.Begins fun exciting, quickly fades to loud, dirty,disappointing as things change,dates change.

    We just had granite countertops done, it was not so bad, daughter is administration at company it took 2days. She came measured weeks earlier to redesign. It's fabulous. No dust, no mess.

    Your BOOK is so wonderful looking. Love my books yours is lovely, We used to mountain hike the forests to see waterfalls. Your book sounds great
    Thanks for the interview


  6. Any type of construction is a very big disruption in our lives. Constant traipsing of workers, mess, noise and surprises. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  7. Recently we had a great deal of external work done which did require a huge upheaval daily for a lengthy period. It was necessary and a difficult adjustment but we got back to normal finally. now they are back to complete the job. Again! elliotbencan(at)hotmail(dot)com

  8. I think the hard part of any construction project is the middle part. I know when we had our home built it was exciting to see the supplies delivered knowing things were moving forward. Very excited to see construction start. Then there is long drawn out middle where there are days when no one shows up and things seem to move at a snails pace. Then excitement again towards to end when you can see the end in sight. It's the same with with any construction job - big or small. Exciting to get plan and get things going. Then the dreaded middle before excitement builds when you are headed to the end result.

    Thank you for the wonderful chance as such a wonderful prize package. I can't wait for the opportunity to read "STILL KNIFE PAINTING". Sharing and hoping to be the very fortunate one selected.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  9. Ooooo, I'd like to be in your book and go to Miranda's Paint & Shine. My daughter took me to my first Paint & Cheers paint party a couple years ago. So much fun! I am not at all creative on my own, but following the instructor, I actually ended up with a painting I am proud of. I've done several more at parties, but haven't tried one on my own. I want to though, but I'm a bit afraid. I even know what I want to paint - a turtle for my cousin.
    donna (dot) durnell (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

  10. I absolutely LOVE to find first books in a series! I’m often introduced to authors that I might not have know about otherwise! I took painting classes as a child and have let it lapse; but I just got my first adult coloring book about a month ago!! bmwhokie(at)gmail(dot)com.

  11. I think I'm going to like this series! A few years ago when I retired we had both our yard and house completely redone. All in all things went smoothly but the inevitable delays and bumps can be very frustrating. The inside crew was marvelous and worked through it all, the outside not so much. Thanks for a fun giveaway.

  12. The best thing about construction is the end result. Looking forward to starting your new series. Like the Kentucky setting. Stay safe.

  13. My least favorite part of the construction is the waiting. I have no patience & just want it to be done already.
    turtle6422 at gmail dot com

  14. I love Kentucky and its traditions. This sounds like a fun book.

  15. The mess! Having to move everything and then move it back, ugh.
    I'm excited for this book to release, it sounds great!

  16. Cool giveaway—ty. I hate construction while it’s going on, but when it’s over, it’s always a happy result. Legallyblonde1961@yahoo.com

  17. Great giveaway. Would love to win. rmmoss2(@)gmail(dot)com

  18. Having to move things so they won't be in the way and losing the use of the room being worked on.

    jtcgc at yahoo dot com

  19. I have asthma. My least favorite thing is the cleanup. I hang plastic sheeting and tarps, open doors, run fans, but, dust is in the air. Only if it could rain inside!

  20. What I dislike about construction is it takes twice as long as you plan. Thanks for the chance.
    ematov (at) comcast (dot) net

  21. Thank you for the chance to read the first in your new series! I worked in construction for years, doing all the paperwork. I would be useless with tools in hand, so I can say about the paperwork, that getting all the permits was what I disliked the most. It seemed our cities gave just enough information to never be enough to walk out with permits in hand, requiring many trips downtown. Congrats on this upcoming release! jeaniedannheim (at) ymail (dot) com

  22. Since I am all thumbs and cannot even hammer a nail, the entire construction process is my least favorite thing. LOL...also, the mess it creates. bentleyboy22(at)comcast(dot)net

  23. I cannot wait to read Still Knife Painting. I enjoy your Webb Glass Shop Mystery series because it is set in my area. I life in Dunedin, Florida. The things I dislike about construction projects is the chaos, the mess and the noise. It is such a disruption. I like the end results though! Thank you for a chance to win. Doodlesink(at)hotmail(dot)com

  24. Awesome! I am excited for this book! Adorable cover! nani_geplcs(at)yahoo(dot)com

  25. My least favorite part is always the mess - but love the finished results.


  26. The mess is always the least favorite part but love the finished results.


  27. We just had a remodel done last spring, lotsa dust but fortunately no bodies hidden in the walls �� Brenda Butler butlerrich (at) Comcast (dot) net