Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

by Nigel, owner of Tally Holt, proprietor of Tally’s Olde Tyme Sweets
from the REVENGE IS SWEET by Kaye George, upcoming March 10th

Meow. Chirrrp, chip-chip. Oh, you don’t understand Maine coon, do you? All right, I’ll speak that language that my human speaks. I’ll bet she doesn’t know I understand everything she says. Just because I ignore everything but “din-din.” Purrr. That is a good word.

I could, of course, advise her about what to do when she’s worrying about her employees showing up late. Maybe pilfering some of her cash from the till. Or having family problems. I could, if I could make the noises she makes. And if I cared.

I will say that I like it here in Fredericksburg Texas. It was okay living with Cole, Tally’s brother, and, before that, with Vanessa, Cole’s short-lived girlfriend. Vanessa didn’t care enough about me to take me with her when she stormed out on Cole. Hard to imagine, isn’t it? That she could live without me once she tried it?

Then Cole. He was almost as bad. From what I overheard when he spoke on the phone with his sister, he made the trip here, to this town, for the express purpose of getting rid of me. Those two are clearly deficient humans. Normal ones fall in love with me and never let me go. Normal ones, like Tally. She’s the best, but I don’t let her know I adore her. That wouldn’t be good for her. You have to keep your humans humble.

The writer, I understand, has been getting super excited (her phrase) about our debut. We’re coming out on March 10th! (Her exclamation point.) Up until now, it’s all been pre-orders, but the book will actually be delivered to everyone who clicked on those internet buttons—very soon.

You’ll love me! And you’ll probably like some of the others who hang around here.

My author, Kaye George, says those internet buttons are at the following address, if you haven’t ordered the book already (E-book or paperback, she says.)


  1. Sounds like a fun book! Congratulations!

  2. Ignoring everything but dinner- sounds like my cat!

  3. Nigel made me go to Goodreads & add this to my TBR list.Unfortunately, the reviews weren't glowing.Maybe Nigel should be the narrator cause he seems awesome! Still going to give it a read.

    1. I think there has been one review on Goodreads and non on Amazon, so I'd give it a bit for reviews! Thanks for commenting.