Monday, March 2, 2020

Dying to Celebrate - what happens between the pages...

By Jill Gardner from Dying to Celebrate by Lynn Cahoon

Hey, it's Jill again. South Cove's resident bookseller and coffee pusher. Two addictions that aren't all that bad, at least in my mind. But the cheesecake? That's a whole nother story.

Anyway, I'm here talking about holidays. We make a point of celebrating as many official and unofficial holidays as we can here in South Cove. You see, we're a tourist town so if Darla Taylor (our local marketing wiz and winery owner) can figure out a twist on a holiday to bring people into town? We're doing it.

Fourth of July is a given. We have a week long celebration mostly focused on the beach. I own a food truck now that we take down to the parking lot and set up. Due to the iced coffee craze we get a lot of business. And, I make sure to pack an assortment of the recent paperback beach reads. It's a win win for us. (Rockets' Dead Glare)

Halloween the whole town gets involved. Last year, Darla talked the owner of an actual haunted house to rent it out for groups to stay overnight. We had an entire weekend filled with couples from town. Esmeralda held a seance and well, some weird things happened. I want to sleep tonight without all the lights on so I'll leave it at that. (A Deadly Brew)

And of course, Christmas is huge in town. We have a Santa Village up for over a month and every business gets involved.  We've partnered with the humane society to try to up adoptions during the happy season. And sometimes, I swear, Santa is real. (Santa Puppy)

Anyway, there's a lot of fun most weeks of the year. And if it's just a boring Monday, we'd still love to see you at Coffee, Books, and More. Stop in and tell them Jill sent you.

See ya,

DYING TO CELEBRATE has the following novellas and more bonus materials...

When the local volunteer fire chief is found buried in ashes, Jill will have to work quickly to nab a killer with a short fuse—or else everyone’s Fourth of July will end with a fizzle . . .
Jill and her friends gather for an overnight Halloween fright fest in an abandoned house. Sounds like fun until a ghost makes contact with Jill IRL.
 Jill Gardner has volunteered to host a Christmas adopt-a-pet party at Coffee, Books, and More. But when a dog owner mysteriously dies, it’s up Jill to play Santa’s Little Crime Solver . . .

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Lynn Cahoon, writes the Tourist Trap, Cat Latimer, and Farm-to-Fork mystery series. No matter where the mystery is set, readers can expect a fun ride Sign up for her newsletter at

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