Monday, March 16, 2020

Scoring the best deal ever!

Reagan Summerside here, the owner of the Prissy Fox in the Consignment Shop mystery series.

Consignment shopping is the fun of wearing designer clothes on the cheap. I could never afford a Coach handbag or an Armani jacket but when married to no-good, rotten, low-rent, cheating ex...I had to look nice. His slogan was you had to look successful to be successful. For me the best part was bragging to my friends how much I paid for my designer outfits! The conversation went something like, “Oh, isn’t that a great Kate Spade purse.” And my reply would be, “I got it on eBay or a consignment shop for forty bucks!” instead of the usual three-hundred and fifty!
     For years I shopped consignment stores and now that I need money to pay bills on my partially-restored Victorian, I decided I’d resell all those Hollis clothes I no long need. I’ve opened a consignment shop of my very own here in Savannah, the Prissy Fox. 

     Don’t you love the name Prissy Fox! Auntie KiKi came up with the name and she also helps me run the place so I can go out and find who murdered my ex’s Cupcake that he kicked me to the curb for. 

And why would I do that when I’d rather see the philandering jerk rot in jail for all eternity? Because if I don’t find the real killer Hollis will sell my beloved Victoria to pay legal fees to that jackass, Walker Boone, to get him off.

Now why would I think Walker Boone is jackass, because he’s the one who took me to the cleaners in my divorce from my ex. So many totally crappy guys in my life!

     But I do like running the Prissy Fox. Consignment shopping is a lot like solving a mystery. It’s all about the hunt for the perfect scarf, skirt or shoes. I think that’s why mystery and the Consignment: Murder series seemed like a perfect fit. The hunt is on!

     So what about you? What stores in your neck of the woods do you shop for deals? Is there one deal that was your all-time best score that you still have bragging rights on?


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  1. I'm definitely a thrift shopper. Goodwill, yard sales, Ross, name it!