Sunday, March 29, 2020

Stay at Home Game Ideas

Characters: Liz and Hank McCall
Series: Vintage Toyshop Mysteries
Author: Barbara Early

Liz: Hi, Liz McCall here.

Hank: I’m here too.

Liz: We’re all hunkered down here in our apartment above Well Played, our Vintage Toyshop.

Hank: Our very empty Vintage Toyshop…

Liz: Earlier this month, we were delivering puzzles and games, or running pre-paid orders out to cars, but now we are closed. While we’re following the governor’s stay-at-home orders, we thought it might be a good time to share some ideas on games you can play at home.

Hank: It’s a great time to pull out the old favorites. Especially the ones that nobody ever seems to have time to finish, like Risk and Monopoly.

Liz: I hate playing Monopoly with you, Dad.

Hank: Only because you always lose, Betsy.

Liz: And stop calling me Betsy. (Glares at him) You can also play many of these games with friends and family you might be separated from in online versions. Many even have a chat window, so you can catch up while you play, which might be especially pleasant for those sheltering home alone. Here are some ideas:

Hank: Families might be looking for games to keep the kiddos busy.

Liz: True. And if they should tire of the collection of games they have at home, we gathered a few ideas for games that can be played with common items around the house.

Hank: Pen and pencil games are always good.

Liz: And they go far beyond Tic Tac Toe.  Here are a link we’ve found with great ideas for games you can play with just pens and paper:

Hank: Other games can be made with common items that might already be in your own house. Games like Mancala or Cat’s Cradle. Here’s more:

Liz: Active kids might need games that keep their little bodies moving. I remember back when I had the chicken pox, Dad blew up a balloon and strung a clothesline to use as a net, and we played volleyball in the living room.

Hank: You remember that?

Liz: One of my favorite childhood memories, actually. Except it still makes me itch when I think about it.

Hank: Here are more active games to play inside.
Liz: And if you’re teaching your kids at home, don’t forget educational games to help break up the day. My favorite teacher used to help us review for tests by making up her own questions for Trivial Pursuit and Jeopardy.

Hank: Teachers are always looking for good educational games. Many can be used at home, too. Here are a few to get you started:

Liz: These days can be long and difficult for many of us. A little play makes the days go faster.

Hank: Kids especially may need to be sheltered from the scary news and kept busy with more normal activities. Games are perfect for that.

Liz: We’re all in this together. Let’s have a little fun, while we’re at it.

Hank: Um…

Liz: No, still not playing Monopoly with you…

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Prayers and well wishes for all those essential workers. You're our heroes!

For those staying at home, play any fun games lately?

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