Friday, April 17, 2020

Lazy, and proud of it!

From: Here Comes the Body
By: Cammie Dianopolis
Author: Maria DiRico (Ellen Byron)
Series: Catering Hall Mysteries (Kensington)

Hi, Cammie Dianopolis here!

I'm one of Mia Carina's co-workers at Belle View Banquet Manor, although I like to use the term 'work" loosely - as loosely as possible. The Carinas are neighbors from around the corner of our little slice of two-family-home heaven in Astoria, Queens. When Mia's father Ravello took over the catering place, I agreed to help him out, with the proviso that I'd basically do as little as possible once Mia got back. Bless those Carinas, they stuck to this deal, giving me plenty of time to make my ex, detective Pete Dianopolis, pay for divorcing me when he thought he'd become a bigshot mystery author under the name, Steve Stianopolis. Clever, huh? He wants me back now that he's realized that ain't gonna happen, but I've made him rachet up the wooing. This means I'm spending a lotta time getting facials and manicures and learning to be a Zumba instructor, all on his dime. 

I also need to spend plenty of time maintaining my appearance, the better to make him wish he'd never walked out on me, the bum. This requires some effort, since my look is mid-1980s. No joke. I even get my lavender eye shadow from a website specializing in discontinued makeup. You want an idea of my role model? Check out 1980s Debra Harry.

I gotta go. I put in a good half-hour of work at Belle View and I need to reward myself with a new pair of earrings - on Pete's credit card. Later, people!

Readers, is there a look or product from past decades that you've stuck with ever since?


  1. I tend to change with the times and don't have any tried and true product that I have stuck with. On the other hand, my Mom has been wearing Revlon's Cherries in the Snow lipstick for as long as I can remember - it looks wonderful on her ~

    1. Cherries in the Snow is such a classic! I admire women of a certain age who can still wear red lipstick. I used to look great in it. Now I look like a clown.

  2. I've worn my hair long and straight for years. I like it and don't see any plans for that to change any time soon. :)
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

    1. I've pretty much worn my hair the same way for years too, Kay!

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