Sunday, April 19, 2020

Staying Safe. Helping Others.

By Sassy Cabot from the Read ’Em and Eat Mysteries by Terrie Farley Moran

Well, the world has certainly turned topsy-turvy with this corona-virus called COVID 19 invading every nook and cranny. Bridgy and I closed the Read ’Em and Eat Café to customers as soon as the order came down from the state. We looked over our budget and figured out that we will need a Small Business loan to cover our bills and pay Miguel at least a portion of his salary.

Pastor John’s church is providing meals to the elderly and folks with compromised immune systems. And don’t we have the perfect kitchen to help with that project? Miguel pitched right in and every day Aunt Ophie bakes a few of her fabulous Buttermilk Pies.

We are observing all the rules: social distancing, rubber gloves, masks and scrupulously sanitizing every inch of the café before and after we prepare meals for the church. I’m doing a lot of bike riding, while Bridgy prefers long solitary walks. In the early morning we do deep breathing and stretching on the patio. The rest of the time we stream movies, read books and of course we spend a lot of time on the computer, skyping friends and family. 

I am happy to share some exciting news.  All of the authors here at Killer Characters put their heads together and came up with a great idea. In just a few short days our Spring Fling will begin! There will be giveaways everyday for weeks and weeks! So comeback often for a chance to win a book, or an e-book or a gift certificate--who knows what will be offered each day!

And don’t forget you can visit us anytime between the pages of WELL READ, THEN DEAD, CAUGHT READ-HANDED, and READ TO DEATH

Please stay safe and healthy.

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