Saturday, April 11, 2020

Sweet Easter Treats

by Caro Lamont & Mel Langston
From Sparkle Abbey's Pampered Pets Mystery Series

We don't know about your town, but here in Laguna Beach where we live, the stores are filled with Easter candy! We try to eat healthy, really we do, but this time of year it's so hard.

There are so many temptations on your way down the aisle to the fresh fruits and vegetables.

Some treats, like say Peeps, are not tempting at all. Others, for instance, jelly beans are sort of a take it or leave it candy.

But then there are those treats that simply call your name. You know what we mean?

For me (Caro here) it's the dark chocolate bunny that calls out to me. It's smooth and not too sweet, and since it's dark chocolate it's almost healthy, right?

For me (Mel here) it's those Reese's eggs. So good! The peanut butter and the chocolate together. Just a brilliant and tasty combination. Yum!

Do you have a favorite Easter treat? One that you just can't have in the house or it's gone?

Let us know what your sweet Easter treat weakness is!

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  1. Maybe I’m weird, but I like those cheapo dark chocolate marshmallow eggs that come in an egg carton for not a lot over a buck. They’re tender and squishy and there’s dark chocolate. 😊. They’re not quite the same in regular chocolate 😉

  2. Peeps, jelly beans, and chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies.

  3. I'm with Caro - dark chocolate bunny. Although Cadbury eggs come close.