Saturday, May 30, 2020

That Book Won’t Write Itself (or will it?)

By Bernie Murphy from the Tea by the Sea mysteries by Vicki Delany

Writer’s Block! Again!

I have my desk set up. I have my computer ready, the keyboard dusted, and bagel crumbs removed. I have a refreshing drink at hand. I’ve done my finger exercises.

I’m ready and pumped.

And I can’t think of a single word.  I’ve been trying to work on this book for years. YEARS! Thinking I needed the time and space to write, I quit my job, cashed in my savings, and rented a house near the sea in Cape Cod.  I specifically came to North Augusta because my best friend, Lily Roberts, recently moved here to open her tea room, Tea by the Sea, next door to her grandmothers B&B, Victoria-on-Sea.

But with all that’s been going on at the tea room and the B&B this summer how’s a girl going to concentrate on a piece of fiction? Sure, Lily’s had some good ideas. Such good ideas I’ve completely changed the book and started something new.

Actually, I’ve done that a couple of times. Maybe I should go back to my original idea? No, focus Bernadette. Focus.

I wonder what Lily’s baking today? Scones for sure. To serve with butter, clotted cream, and homemade jam.  Probably shortbread and coconut cupcakes, and macarons.  The pistachio macarons are my favourite. Plus tea sandwiches, all as delicious as they look.

Maybe I’ll pop over to the tea room before I start work. A couple of those sandwiches and a macaron will get me in the mood to write.

Find out if Bernadette Murphy ever does get her book written and what else is baking in the kitchen at Tea by the Sea in Vicki’s Delany’s newest book, Tea and Treachery. Coming July 28 from Kensington it’s now available for pre-order.

Former Manhattan pastry chef Lily Roberts, the heroine of this well-crafted series launch from Delany (the Sherlock Holmes Bookshop mysteries), has opened Tea by the Sea next door to Victoria-on-Sea, the bed-and-breakfast owned by her 85-year-old British grandmother, Rose Campbell, in North Augusta, a town on Cape Cod. Slimy real estate developer Jack Ford wants the town council to rezone nearby land for a major resort development, but spunky Rose lets him and the council members know exactly how she feels. When Ford sues Rose and winds up dead on her property, Det. Chuck Williams, of the North Augusta PD, regards the aggrieved Rose as the sole suspect. Refusing to be put out of business or bamboozled by a slippery small-town detective, Lily and Rose start their own investigation, aided by Lily’s friend. Along the way to the satisfying solution, the women find time to consume a variety of tearoom delicacies. Fans of culinary cozies will be sure to come back for more.” Publishers Weekly