Tuesday, June 9, 2020


by Emily Westhill from the Deputy Donut Mysteries by Ginger Bolton

I love planning and decorating the donuts we sell at Deputy Donut, our donut and coffee shop in Fallingbrook, Wisconsin. Last year for the Fourth of July, we made blueberry-filled donuts and decorated them with white icing and blue sugar stars. We also made raspberry filled donuts and decorated them with red-striped white icing. They were pretty and also delicious.

We plan to do something similar this year, but maybe not exactly the same.

I have lots of ideas for Halloween, like Boston scream donuts. There will be chocolate! And I think I'll have a party. Decorating the house, inside and out, for Halloween is always fun. And I'm sure that I'll receive lots of assistance from my mischievous cat, Dep (short for Deputy Donut.)

Meanwhile, I don't have a lot of good ideas for how to decorate donuts to sell for Fathers' Day. Any suggestions?

You can read about Emily's Boston cream donuts and the trouble they accidentally cause her in BOSTON SCREAM MURDER, the fourth book in the Deputy Donut Mystery series, after SURVIVAL OF THE FRITTERS, GOODBYE CRULLER WORLD, and JEALOUSY FILLED DONUTS.

BOSTON SCREAM MURDER comes out August 25 and is available for pre-order now. Two more Deputy Donut Mysteries are in the works . . . .

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  1. Sports themed donuts, decorated like a football or basketball for example. Or could write "Dad" or similar on the frosting like those shown at https://scontent-ort2-2.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/19366157_10158856584560191_741636441982395705_n.jpg?_nc_cat=101&_nc_sid=2d5d41&_nc_ohc=dRYAvSaeXEUAX8qLw5w&_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-2.xx&oh=63ec8c92991d8953f21a9bf3bfdd08c5&oe=5F047F8C

  2. Little ties on the donuts? Sports, grilling, fishing themed?
    Love this series, waiting impatiently for Boston Scream!