Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Maybelle Sounds Off - and Doesn't Let Us Forget She Starred in Two Bites Too Many!

Maybelle Johnson
Two Bites Too Many - The Sarah Blair mystery series
by Debra H. Goldstein

I feel neglected. Here I am, the star of Two Bites Too Many, but ever since this pandemic began, I haven’t seen much of my twin daughters, Sarah and Emily. 

Emily, at least, has been dropping off casseroles and other things on my doorstep, but she rings the bell and runs. She’s a chef, you know. Her boyfriend, Marcus, and she co-own the Southwind Group – a pub restaurant and a fine dining establishment.

Sarah also is the beneficiary of Emily and Marcus’s culinary kindness. It’s a good thing, too. Left to her own devices, Sarah probably would have starved by now. But then again, what should I expect from a woman who finds being in the kitchen scarier than murder?

The one thing I can say for Sarah is that she has a knack for solving complicated murders. If it weren’t for her, I’d probably be doing time—and I can assure you I don’t look good in orange or black horizontal stripes. My coloring lends itself to solid black, winter white, red, or purple clothing. What about you? Do you prefer certain colors in your wardrobe?