Saturday, June 6, 2020

Meet RJ Franklin Mystery's Harley Wickfield IV

Hi. Harley Wickfield IV, from the RJ Franklin Series by V. M. Burns. My friend and partner, RJ asked me to stop by and introduce myself. So, here I am. Just like RJ, I’m a cop with the St. Joseph Police Department (SJPD) in St. Joseph, Indiana. Although, unlike RJ, I’m not actually a detective, not yet, anyway. However, for the last year, I’ve been on special assignment with the Special Crimes Unit, so I can learn and get a chance to work homicides. It’s been great and I really love working homicides. I think I have a knack for solving murders, although I know I have a lot to learn. My partner, RJ Franklin is definitely the brains of the operation and he’s been helping to teach me the ropes.

Here are my stats. I’m a twenty-six-year-old, single, Caucasian, male. I’ve got dark hair and blue eyes. I was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, so I’ve got a Southern accent. RJ says I can dial it up when I need to charm a suspect. I don’t even realize I’m doing it, but he swears that I do, so I guess it’s true. I come from a wealthy family and wouldn’t have to work if I were willing to move back home and put myself back under my father’s thumb, but my dad, Harley Wickfield III shares a lot of common personality traits with Genghis Khan. So, moving home isn’t really an option I’m willing to consider. Besides, I enjoy being a cop and serving and protecting the citizens of St. Joe. It’s hard work and often thankless, but I can sleep a lot easier at night knowing that my community is safer because of the work that I do.

RJ Franklin is not only my mentor, he’s probably my best friend. Despite the fact that I’m white and he’s Black and we come from completely different backgrounds, I feel closer to him than I do to members of my family. I like to joke that if we did one of those ancestry DNA tests, we’d probably find that we were related. Regardless of DNA, we have a bond. However, one thing that I learned from the last murder case we solved, families can be complicated. 

Read more about Harley in MOTHERLESS CHILD, the second book in the RJ Franklin Mystery Series.

When John Paul Rollins is murdered during his niece's wedding reception, Detective RJ Franklin quickly realizes this case is going to be anything but routine. The list of people who wanted him dead includes just about everyone he's ever known including the bride and groom. Can RJ put his personal feelings behind him and catch a killer?

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