Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Summer Plans - or No Plan Summer?

By Jill Gardner of MURDER IN WAITING by Lynn Cahoon

Hey guys, it's Jill Gardner - owner and sometimes manager of Coffee, Books, and More - South Cove's premier book store and coffee house. Okay, so we're the only bookstore and coffee house in town, too.

By whatever calendar count you want (besides the summer solstice - that's June 20th), summer time is here. I loved counting the progression of my life through the school years. Next year it would be middle grade time. Or high school. I loved the idea of choosing my own classes. Then when I registered it was my first taste of having to make sacrifices since I couldn't do everything. Or two classes I truly wanted were held at the same time.

Yes, I was that kid. I set myself a reading list before school got out so I would continue to learn during the long hot days. When other kids were reveling in the freedom of doing nothing, I was looking for projects to fill my days and books to keep me lost in other worlds until I could go back to school.

I miss those days when my life was my own. I know, you think with running a business I must have a lot of me time. Especially since my aunt likes to handle all the management stuff. And, I do. But I also have to do book reviews for Deek since he took over the website and the email marketing. And remember to do my staff recommend cards for the shelves.  Oh, and taste testing Sadie's treats for ordering into the store.

It's a hard life, I know.

What did you like doing in the summer? Were you a kid who took advantage of the time to relax? Or were you someone who missed the structure of the school day?  What about now?

Happy Summer peeps!

Murder in Waiting releases June 30th!

In the latest Tourist Trap mystery from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Lynn Cahoon, bookshop cafĂ© owner Jill Gardner contends with a best friend-turned-bridezilla while trying to solve a local historian’s untimely date with death . . .

At Coffee, Books, & More, Jill’s the boss. But as Amy’s maid-of-honor, she can barely keep up with marching orders—and now she’s in charge of organizing an epic bachelorette! Adding to Jill’s party-planning panic, the South Cove Heritage Society just unceremoniously dumped her historic landmark bid. While vying proposals rush in from a loaded land developer and a pushy travel guide company, Jill finds an unexpected ally in Heritage Society expert, Frank Gleason. But their happy union is cut short when Frank is mowed down in a suspicious hit-and-run. With Amy’s big day on the horizon, Jill vows to catch the killer before she has to catch a bouquet.


  1. Congratulations on the upcoming release of "Murder in Waiting"! Can't wait for the opportunity to read this book on my TBR list.

    Being an Army brat, summer time was a time of Dad's furlough which to us meant heading back south to visit with relatives and see a few sights along the way. The rest of the time was full of us using our imagination to fill our days - which we had no problem doing.

    This year we have already had to cancel a bucket list trip to Utah to see the national parks there. Sad, but not complaining because we are both healthy. This summer we have a short trip to a photo convention and then a longer trip visiting Amish country. Time will tell if those have to be cancelled too.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

    1. I've driven through Southern Utah, but haven't gone to the parks. Hope you get to go to your trips.

  2. Enjoying the family and friends, whom I haven't seen in over half a year ago! I don't know! My nose is always in a book! LOL

  3. Mine is always in a book. LOL especially as a kid in the summer.