Thursday, June 11, 2020

Working from Home with Humans - Furry Family Members, how are you doing?

by Thelma & Louise (Caro's cats), Dogbert (Caro's dog), and Missy (Mel's Bulldog) from the Pampered Pets Mysteries by Sparkle Abbey

Today the true pampered pets themselves have taken over the blog, and they've got some opinions on this humans-working-from home situation.  So, take it away pets!

Thelma: As the self-proclaimed leader of the Pampered Pets Mystery pets, I was elected to start off the blog today. See, while we’ve enjoyed having our human moms, Caro and Mel, home the last three months, we’re starting to feel a touch smothered. Don’t get us wrong, it hasn’t been all bad.

Missy: That’s true. With Mel home, I’ve gotten a ton more belly rubs and treats. And Betty hasn’t been around to shove me into an ugly costume like a rag doll.

Thelma: Why would you allow that? That sounds awful. You have teeth, don't you?

Missy: Woof! I would never bite Mel!

Dogbert: Grrr. Of course, you wouldn't.

Louise: Could you guys keep it down? I'm trying to nap here.

Thelma: We were talking about what it’s like to have our humans home more often.

Louise:  Caro always keeps the water fresh and the food's been great. I like having her around.

Thelma: Well, that's true. She’s very attentive.

Missy: If she’s anything like my Mel, she can be too attentive. I’m really tired of walking around the neighborhood a hundred times a day.

Louise: I doubt you’ve walked that often.

Missy: Look at me. I bet I’ve lost five pounds with all this extra walking. I miss my endless naps.

Dogbert: I like the walk--

Missy: Where did he go?

Thelma & Louise
Thelma: He's off to the window to bark at something. The best part of our day is when he and Caro are gone for a walk. Then it's nice and quiet like it used to be before the Caro took over the house.

Missy: I know what you mean. And Mel doesn't just want to hang out. She's sorting and boxing stuff to donate and, well, she's just everywhere.

Thelma: Exactly. Caro has cleaned every closet in the house and now she's started on the garage. And she's recycling boxes. I loved those boxes...

Louise: Do you think it will ever get back to normal?

Dogbert: They keep talking about this "new normal" thing. I don't even know what that means.

Missy: Me neither. I say we sleep on it.

Louise: Good plan.

Thelma: I think it means we may have to figure out some ways to handle too much human time.

So, about all you other pets out there. What do you think? Has your human been underfoot a bit too much lately? And what are you doing to cope with it?

About Our Authors: Sparkle Abbey is actually two people, Mary Lee Ashford and Anita Carter, who write the national best-selling Pampered Pets cozy mystery series. They are friends as well as neighbors so they often get together and plot ways to commit murder. (But don't tell the neighbors.) They love to hear from readers and can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, their favorite social media sites.

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    My dog Heinz is testing me these days. He'll be fourteen in September and some days he just wants to be left alone. For weeks, my patio was as far away as I'd go. My husband works in healthcare, and Heinz is so excited when he comes home in the evenings. On a happy note, he gets more walks and seems to like that. And he also gets way more treats than ever before. It's been an interesting year, but Heinz is surviving as he puts up with me being around all day long.